What do you wear when training

EMS clothing - what you wear during EMS training

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Your EMS trial training is imminent and you still have a number of questions beforehand - for example, about what you actually wear during training? Don't worry, in the following we will explain everything to do with EMS clothing!

Functional underwear and electrodes

Special EMS clothing is required for EMS. In normal sportswear - as you might wear it for fitness (shirt and leggings) - you cannot do electrical muscle stimulation. You will receive the EMS functional underwear and vest during your first training session from the trainers in the studio. So you don't have to bring anything with you to training except sneakers, a towel (and possibly a bottle of water). It is often referred to as an "EMS suit". But the clothing actually consists of several parts:

The EMS underwear

EMS clothing also includes EMS functional underwear. You put these on first. It is extremely tight-fitting and consists of a (black) T-shirt and pants that can be compared to cycling shorts. Both are breathable and usually consist of a mix of Tencel *, elastane and polyacrylic. These materials guarantee a high level of comfort and functionality during the workout. Because unlike conventional functional underwear (Nike, Under Armor, etc ...), EMS functional underwear does not transport moisture away from the skin, but holds it in place. In this way, the laundry actively ensures a flat, intensive and pleasant impulse transmission. The laundry is off too hygienic reasons very important, because it is antibacterial and ensures that you have no direct skin contact with other EMS equipment.

It is important that you are under the EMS underwear if possible don't wear anything underneath - so the electrodes can optimally conduct the current impulses.

* Tencel or Lyocell is an industrially produced cellulose fiber made from natural, renewable raw materials (wood).

If you sign a contract and want to continue EMS, you can often take your underwear home with you after training (usually for a fee). It then belongs to you, because for hygienic reasons, many exercisers want their own EMS functional underwear. EMS clothing is available from most suppliers Starter package included. But there are also EMS providers with a kind of "rental service". You will then be provided with freshly washed underwear in your size at each appointment and can then leave it in the studio after your training. It is then washed by the team and replaced with new clothes after a certain period of time.

The EMS vest and straps

However, EMS underwear is not everything you wear during training. On top of that comes the EMS vest with the electrodes for the core muscles. It contains the electrode pairs that are responsible for stimulating the lower back, the lateral back (latissimus), the upper back muscles (trapezius), the chest and the abdominal muscles. Furthermore, you can imagine the vest as a kind of distributor for all muscle groups, because only the vest is directly connected to the EMS device via the main cable. For the buttocks you get a clip belt on which there are two large electrode pads for the gluteus. On the arms and legs you put Velcro straps into which the electrodes for the extremities are incorporated.

All electrodes are sprayed with water by your trainer before training. This may be uncomfortable for some, but it is necessary, because only wet electrodes transmit the electrical impulses over a large area and make training comfortable and safe for you. In summer the whole thing is very refreshing. And even in winter, the providers make sure that they use warm water to humidify, do not worry.

So if you insist on your own clothes for EMS, you should be aware that everything will get wet and you need a change of clothes.

Wash EMS clothing properly

Unless you use an EMS provider service that provides you with fresh underwear every week, you are likely taking your own clothes home to wash. The general rule for underwear is: on 40 ° C and without fabric softener in the washing machine. Then you are on the safe side. The latter is extremely important, as fabric softener sticks together the fibers of functional clothing and can permanently damage them.

Update: The latest version of the miha bodytec underwear can be easily washed at 60 ° C without fabric softener. It is also suitable for the dryer. You can recognize the latest underwear by the blue stripes. (see picture above)

Do you want to find out how it feels to be in full EMS gear? Give it a try!

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