When is a visa denied?

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I had already invited my daughter, who lives in the Philippines, to visit us several times. Her visa is always refused, always on the grounds that it is not certain that she would return. The last time she applied for a visa, she had submitted pay slips, bank statements, country titles and more, as well as proving that she really is our daughter. She was denied her visa again, this time on the grounds that no declaration of commitment had been submitted, although she had much more than enough equity capital and therefore did not need the VE at all. Furthermore, it was assumed that she would not return. And of course the title of the land and the purchase contract for the land were not enough either, now the clerk wanted to have a "Declaration of real property", although this is nowhere mentioned or requested. It is always shot in such a way that something is missing and thus prevents our daughter from visiting her mother! Another applicant without a job, without land, without own capital, however, received a 3-month visa from another clerk at the embassy. How is that going, if you please? How can you forbid a daughter to visit her mother? What is the legal basis for this?

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