What was your favorite baby shower gift

The ideal gift for the baby shower

Diaper cake to photo shoot: the best gifts for mother and child

What do you give for a baby shower? This is probably the first question that comes to mind when invited as a guest to a baby shower or babyshower. One or the other might ask: what does “babyshower” actually mean? Will the baby be washed together? Far from it, because it means a celebration that is usually organized by the best friend for the mother-to-be and the unborn baby. The celebration usually takes place two months before the baby is born with the mother's best friends. The goal: the baby is showered with gifts. In this blog post we show you tips and ideas with which you are guaranteed to find a suitable gift for the baby shower.

Who is actually given a gift at a babyshower: mom or baby?

It doesn't really make much difference whether you think about the mother-to-be or the baby when choosing a gift for a baby shower. It is of great value to the mother-to-be if she has the essentials for the baby in good time before the birth. The best thing to do is to just ask if there is anything she still needs. In addition to useful gifts such as diapers, every mother is also happy to receive a few particularly beautiful toys, clothes or accessories. So think of gifts for the baby that you wouldn't give yourself right now. Some also advocate the philosophy: The baby will have everything, the mom has to get presents! If you think so, you can bring a massage or wellness voucher to the baby shower, for example.

The standard gifts for baby shower

The diaper cake! It's the standard baby shower gift. This means that there is also a high risk that the recipient will not only get a diaper cake, but an entire diaper cake buffet. It becomes a little more individual with baby clothes as a gift. But here, too, caution is advised, because not every mom who is expecting a girl wants to dress her in pink for the next few years. Useful things like haunted cloths, sleeping bags, books for mom and child or changing accessories, on the other hand, are usually well received.

Give a game to the baby shower

By the way, games are often also part of the baby shower. So it makes sense to donate a game by taking care of the organization. That way, all the work doesn't stop with your best friend. Or you give the mother-to-be your gift as part of a game. Maybe you just let the mother guess blindly which baby accessories from pacifiers to socks she is holding in her hands.

Baby shower gifts with a story

Memorable gifts are a good idea. Toys or rompers that guests have used and loved themselves are therefore very popular. Homemade blankets, hand-sewn shoes or a knitted jacket for the newborn are very nice and particularly personal gifts. Much nicer than expensive new baby items is the fact that someone really made an effort when choosing or designing the gift. This is guaranteed to score points at a baby shower.

Photo shoot as a baby shower gift

Do-it-yourself isn't your thing? Then let a professional photographer work for you and give away a voucher for a photo shoot. At Photogenika in Munich we offer different types of photo shoots and vouchers. You can choose between a photo shoot for the pregnant woman, for the newborn or for the baby if it is a little bigger. Of course, you can also surprise your girlfriend and her partner with a family photo shoot. All options can also be implemented as a photo shoot at home (homestory). In any case, professional pictures of the offspring are a great gift, as the young parents get valuable memories with their baby.

Perhaps you are also thinking of a suitable photo album or a print as a wall picture so that the pictures don't disappear in the drawer. By the way, you can order that from Photogenika at the same time. If you have any questions about the vouchers, the Photogenika team will be happy to help and looks forward to your call (089/244 089 08) or a message to the e-mail address: [email protected]

Do you give gifts with several?

Then we have the ultimate tip: If you have several guests together, you can give the mother-to-be a very special treat with the baby pass from Photogenika. The baby pass includes three photo shoots in which the baby bump, the newborn and the young family are photographed. With the photo shoot during pregnancy, the future mum can benefit from the gift even before the birth.

Giving away togetherness

Since the togetherness of many couples takes a back seat with the arrival of a child, self-made babysitting vouchers are also ideal as a baby shower gift for an evening. So the new parents can enjoy an evening at the cinema or a visit to a restaurant for two and know that their baby is in safe hands in the meantime.

Baby shower money gift

One last tip: it's better to keep your hands off the baby shower gifts. The only exception: the mother-to-be has explicitly asked for money. At the end of the day, the baby shower is all about celebrating the mom-to-be, the upcoming birth, and the baby. This includes cute rompers, funny toys and tried and tested baby accessories. Or you can choose a gift that creates lasting memories for the parents-to-be, such as the photo vouchers from Photogenika. All of this increases the anticipation of the baby and what better gifts can be given.

We hope you liked our ideas for baby shower gifts and wish you a lot of fun at the party,

Your Photogenika team