How are the people in Peru


Almost 32 million people live in Peru. Together with Guatemala and Bolivia, Peru is one of the countries with the highest proportion of indigenous populations. The proportion of Indians in the total population is estimated at 31 to 45 percent. They are distributed among more than 60 races. The majority of the Indians speak a Quechua or an Aymara language. About 15 groups of uncontacted Indians live in the rainforest on the border with Ecuador.

More than 3 million of the Indians in Peru belong to a Quechua people. Most of them live in the Andes, only the Llacuash are at home in the rainforest. With around 400,000 people, the Aymara form the second largest group of indigenous peoples. The Aymara live on the Altiplano (plateau) in southern Peru. The third largest group are the Ashaninka (around 60,000 to 90,000). You speak an Arawak language with nine other Peruvian ethnic groups and live in the rainforest.

The proportion of common descendants of whites and natives is similarly large. The figures vary between 37 and 44 percent. 15 percent are white, mostly descendants of Spaniards, but also from other European countries. About 4 percent have black ancestors, the Afro-Peruvians. Their ancestors came here as slaves from the 16th century. And around 3 percent are of Asian origin, mostly from Japan or China.