What do you want without an ego

When the mind gets too loud and keeps you from living

Each of us has a mindfuck at one point or another. By that I mean moments when our minds get too loud, the essentials are drowned out and we don't let us do what we actually want to do. We could do whatever our heart cries for, but the voice in our head takes it away Trust in ourselves.

“Wherever I go, a dog named Ego follows me.” - F. Nietzsche

What if you want something, but the voice in your head tells you that you can't, don't deserve it, or aren't good enough for it? Then you are simply being ripped off. From your ego.

Perhaps you are thinking right now “What crap she's writing here” or you still don't understand what I'm about.


Very intelligent people succumb to their ego and present themselves as victims. Some believe that they have no power over their ego. The moment you decide to give your ego so much power, you have lost too!

“Your mind is an instrument, a tool. It is useful for certain tasks, and when those are done you turn it off again. In reality, eighty to ninety percent of most people's thinking is not only useless and repetitive, but often so disturbed and negative that it is downright harmful. ”- E. Tolle

You get upset about the voice in your head and still act like a puppet and follow the prompts of your ego.

The moment you realize that your ego is steerable and not the real you, everything can change for you. You know that you can observe this voice in your head, direct it and even switch it off partially.

If you are ready to distinguish between yourself and the ego, wouldn't it be much wiser to react in the opposite way in some situations? So do exactly what the feeling says and not your ego. Or just watch it and then let it go.

Fears are created that make absolutely no sense. We create them out of boredom. We then play ourselves up to it and enter the vicious circle. Once we are in it, we nourish it every day unhealthy thoughts.

What if you could break this circle? Do you even want it or do you actually find it comfortable to be so restricted and not be able to develop yourself further? If you avoid certain things that Require courage you stay in the comfort zone. You know very well that when you break this circle a lot of new things are waiting for you. Because all the things that you previously avoided through your ego are now open to you.

This means that your whole life can change as a result. No, it will definitely change it. It suddenly becomes very easy and is no longer full of obstacles and problems.

How you notice your ego

You absolutely want to have this great job, would like to apply for the job, but then there is the voice that says "You are not good enough".

You met a great man and would like to get to know him better. You would like to meet him, but then comes the voice that tells you that it doesn't make any sense anyway.

You'd love to travel to foreign countries and instead of finding ways to make it happen, you find excuses why you shouldn't.

Your ego keeps you small. It comes in the form of self-doubt and fear. Your ego keeps you trapped. I would like it as a kind Prison in the head see. Breaking free is not easy, but neither is rocket science!

What can you do about it?

Be very conscious of your thoughts. As soon as you can watch them, you'll be stronger than them anyway. At that point it is up to you how much importance you give to the noise in your head.

If you get upset about it, you only strengthen the thoughts even more. It's like meditating, when thoughts come up and you get upset about it and all the time thinking that you don't want to think, the opposite of it happens.

Watch your thoughts and laugh at them. Be fully aware that you are stronger and above your ego. If you weren't above your ego, you wouldn't be able to perceive these thoughts at all.

I can still remember a situation on the motorway to this day. It was about three years ago when I drove from Düsseldorf to the Ruhr area and suddenly the thought came up that I am afraid of driving on the autobahn. Ten years ago I had an accident on the autobahn, which was not without it, but which was processed. When the thought came up, I was frightened at first, but then I realized that my ego wanted to play games with me again. I decided that the voice should pass me by and drove on without these thoughts.

You can also just do the opposite of what your ego tells you. If you have the desire or the feeling that you want to do something, but the ego tells you that you cannot do it or that you should just leave it alone, then do it anyway. Overcome yourself even though your mind is telling you otherwise.

Do this every now and then. With the new experiences that you then collect, you will break the circle sooner or later anyway. If you don't, your life could look very boring as you are very restricted and controlled by others. And for people who get bored quickly, it is essential to say goodbye to the ego or to be able to control it in part.

As soon as you can no longer be guided by it, your ego loses more and more of its power and you gain more and more awareness about the things that you really want in your life. Because then you can finally listen to your intuition again, which is a bit quieter and gentler than the gross ego.