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Powerful downloader:
- Download up to three files at the same time
- Accelerating the download through several sections (max. 9 sections)
- Download files in the background and resume after errors
- Monitoring for links from the browser and the clipboard
- Accelerated algorithm for faster downloads
- Downloader of images, documents, archives and programs
- Downloader for social networks
- Faster download for 2G, 3G and 4G networks
- Download via Wi-Fi only
- Supports resumption of canceled downloads
- Video and music downloader
- Accelerates the download of file sharing
- Supports files larger than 2GB
- Parallel download of the files in the list
Advanced settings:
- Interface adjustments and themes
- Destination folder can be selected
- Save in different folders depending on the file type
- Automatic actions after completion
- Reserve space for the file for faster download
- Automatic stop when the battery is low
- Automatic resumption after errors or interruptions
- Import a list of links from a text file on the SD card
- Backup copy of the download list and the settings on the SD card
- Control downloads according to a schedule
- Turbo mode for accelerated downloading
- Profiles for each connection type
- Automatic functions according to schedule
- Supports quick adding of downloads
Simple interface:
- Material Design, left menu with quick settings
- Download information: speed, size, time
- Sort the downloads by type, order, size and name
- Context menu for easy management of downloads
- Open completed downloads with the desired app
- Supports pause, resume, restart downloads
- Create advanced profiles for individual websites
- Fine tuning for each download
- Home screen widget
- Show the program icon and download progress in the notification bar
- Transparent progress indicator over all windows
- Notification after termination by sound and vibration
Fast ADM browser:
- Multiple tab support
- History and bookmarks
- Easy transfer of files to the downloader
- Download MP3 from popular archives
- Monitor MP4 videos from websites
- Easy download of all kinds of files
- Option "User-Agent" to falsify the browser identification
- click on the download to start / stop it
- click on the completed download to open the file
- Long press on the download to open the context menu
Add links from browser:
- Click on a link and select the "ADM Editor" as the action
- Long press on a link to display the context menu, then select "Share link" and select "ADM Editor"
- Copy the link and the download monitor will recognize the link
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According to the rules, Advanced Download Manager does not support downloads from YouTube.


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