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Process-oriented business solutions

B2B business processes with TecAlliance

Right from the start, GKN Automotive has been working with TecAlliance, the leading business-to-business platform for the international automotive aftermarket.

By using TecAlliance, we can electronically map the business processes with our customers in the car parts business without changing the existing market structures.

We provide the following services for automating and optimizing business processes with our partners from the car parts trade via TecAlliance:

  • Checking the availability of a part
  • Order acceptance
  • order confirmation
  • Delivery note
  • Commercial invoice

As a certified data supplier, we use the TecDoc catalog to provide the independent automotive spare parts market with current and comprehensive data for identifying and ordering our parts in standardized catalog form.

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We offer you the opportunity to send invoices and documents of all kinds in accordance with legal regulations - quickly, securely and efficiently. You will receive your signature and sales tax invoices in accordance with the law and sent to you in the desired manner.

Planning, forecasting and replenishment (CMI)

CMI serves to optimize the planning and forecasting processes as well as the stock levels on our as well as on the dealer side.

CMI stands for Collaborative Managed Inventory. We offer you up-to-date information on orders, lot sizes and target stocks for all desired items and enable you to place orders directly via the inventory management system.

Warranty Process

The platform with which our trading partners can process complaints conveniently, easily and quickly electronically.

Users can view the status of current and completed complaints at any time via a web browser - clearly and transparently. It is not necessary to install the application. Integration into the merchandise management system is supported.

Authenticity check

This authenticity check is the best way to check the authenticity of car parts and thus to combat product piracy - worldwide, 24 hours a day and in seconds.

  • Item identification: On every box in which our parts are packed there is a 2D barcode with a unique identification number: ID = CLEPA Code = DataMatrix Code.
  • Verification of authenticity with Authenticity Check: Authentication of the article via a scanner or smartphone.

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About TecAlliance

GKN Automotive is co-founder and partner of TecAlliance (formerly the umbrella brand of TecDoc, TecCom and TecRMI), the industry information source for the automotive repair market with original data from parts manufacturers.

The aim of the TecAlliance is to provide the aftermarket with all vehicle-related data from a single source and thus accompany the transformation to the digital aftermarket. Spare parts manufacturers, parts dealers and workshops, fleet and leasing companies and insurance companies have been their customers for decades.

They actively use the data that they collect from all manufacturers worldwide, prepare it in accordance with the recognized “TecAlliance TecDoc Inside” standard, filter it according to various information requirements and distribute it to the market.