Male volleyball players wear spandex

The best clothing for Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga is performed in rooms that can be heated up to 105 degrees F and 40 percent humidity to create detoxifying sweat and warm the body so you can get into the yoga postures. Bikram yoga consists of 26 postures that are performed in the same order each time. The heat makes it necessary to wear clothing that gives you maximum freedom of movement and the ability to wick away sweat. It is known that women appear in running shorts and jog bra tops or even in real bikinis and men in board or running shorts or swimsuit briefs. Wear what will be left on your body: As you move through the poses, you don't want to show your progress to everyone in the room.

Wear breathable cottons, spandex tops and bottoms

Wear breathable cotton tops and shorts with a little spandex to keep your tops and bottoms against your body. For women, this can be a fitted tank top with a shelf bra to provide modesty and support. Or it can be a jogging bra / top that doesn't slide down or down. Bikini tops don't work for this reason: they can move around and expose your chest. Men often go shirtless in the very hot rooms where Bikram is taught or opt for a tank top or t-shirt.

Choose shorts for hot yoga

Choose running shorts, cycling shorts, or yoga pants to stay covered. In the very hot Bikram studio, you probably won't feel in leggings or in thick sweatpants. Opt for shorts with a secure waistband or tie, or cycling or yoga shorts that cling to the trunk. Women can consider capri-style yoga pants, which have three-quarter length pants made of cotton, bamboo, spandex, or propylene, or other fabrics that wick away sweat. Men usually wear running shorts, tie-waist surfboard pants that hold the pants at the waist, or, for the brave, Speedo-style underpants.

Avoid loose fitting clothes

Avoid wearing baggy pants or tops that slip off once you move into eagle or rabbit positions. Very loose clothing is best saved for a restful or yin yoga class that is not practiced in a heated room. Towels are a must to soak up your sweat and keep yourself from slipping off your yoga mat.