How can you repeat videos on YouTube

Repeat YouTube videos and play them automatically in a loop - this is how it works

Do you have a catchy tune from the last concert? Do you really like a song or do you want to hear white noise in a loop without interruption? However, after a title, the YouTube video portal automatically starts a new video after a few seconds. We'll show you how you can have videos repeated on YouTube.

White noise or ASMR clips are said to help relieve stress and insomnia. But what if the video on YouTube is too short? You can repeat YouTube videos with a few tricks.

Repeat YouTube videos permanently with browser add-ons and plugins

Various add-ons allow YouTube music to be played back in a loop. These extensions for your internet browser play videos endlessly:

In the linked articles you will learn how to install Firefox add-ons manually and how to set up extensions for Chrome.

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Repeat YouTube Videos Infinitely: With Repeat Websites

The video portal itself does not offer the possibility of automatically viewing music and other videos repeatedly. But there are various websites that give you endless viewing or listening pleasure. In order to have videos repeated on YouTube, you first need the web address of your song or video. To do this, type in the address bar of your browser and mark the URL. If you have opened the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet, first tap the below the video shareButton, then under Share link on Copy link.

If you have copied the address of the video, simply paste it into the corresponding field on this website:

If the YouTube video is currently open in the browser, you can simply change the URL. Enter the word "repeater" in the address bar of the browser between "youtube and" .com ". For example like this:

Original URL:
New url:

And then the video is opened in the YouTube repeater and played in an endless loop. Alternatively, you can of course also search for your video on the YouTubeRepeater website in the search field at the top right.

If you want to share your listening and viewing pleasure, our guide will teach you how to send YouTube clips with WhatsApp:

Repeat music - easy with YouTube Music

YouTube Music has a button at the bottom right that can be used to repeat a song.

So the current track can be listened to repeatedly.


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