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Make explanatory videos yourself: the best tools in comparison

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When it comes to explaining complex issues and making them understandable, explanatory videos are unbeatable. In our article we briefly introduce the best tools with which you can create explanatory videos yourself without much effort.

Why do explanatory videos and why do it yourself?

Sometimes you have to explain facts to people on a website - in many cases it takes two or three sentences to understand something. The effect of text should not be overestimated: very many people do not read texts thoroughly, especially if they are a little longer or require thinking. In many cases it remains rather questionable whether the explanation will actually be accepted. Pure text therefore attracts too little attention - and is also not very penetrative.

So when in doubt, a video is always the better choice

Since almost everyone watches a lot of videos, we are used to paying close attention to moving images - and also absorb the offered content very well, as several senses are addressed here: in a video sound, images and movements are used that appeal to us . This way, products or services can be explained in a more understandable way, but also basic facts that support marketing, memorable and conveyed and well anchored.

For example in finance: “The pension trap: How much pension you get with an average salary, why that is - and what three options you have to change that” - would you really prefer to explain it in words?

The main reason for doing it yourself is the cost.

Explanatory videos are easy to make yourself with a little talent if you invest a little time. You don't have to be able to draw or even be a video expert - software tools take care of that. The costs for this are negligible compared to professional productions. For many software tools you pay monthly contributions in the range of 20 to 100 euros, but you only have to pay them as long as you actually use the software. So it's worth it in most cases. In addition, you can also use free test periods from individual providers for a single explanatory video.

Explanatory video tools at a glance

My Simpleshow - Really simple to explain the video

The tool supports the creation of the script and the planning of the content with step-by-step instructions; the voice over (the spoken content) can also be generated by the software from the text itself. You can of course also upload your own Voice Over files. Very easy and also suitable for beginners. Attractive, black and white hand animations provide explanatory videos with always the same style, which facilitates recognition and visual harmony, but can also be restrictive.


  • There is a free basic version for which you just have to register. However, your video is then also branded with mysimpleshow.
  • The business account costs 129 euros per month, no watermark, HD export and other features are included.
  • The pro account is aimed at agencies who want to produce videos for other people and costs 499 euros per month.

Animaker - Extensive cartooning

Animaker also works with animated cartoons that you can design yourself without having to draw. A very user-friendly timeline makes the creation and sorting of the individual contents very easy and speeds up the creation. Somewhat more complex software that requires a little training - extensive design options are available for this.


  • from $ 12 per month (staff) to $ 39 for the business account
  • free test account, with which you cannot export your video

Biteable - Simplest solution to an explanatory video

With Biteable, on the other hand, simplicity is really and clearly recognizable: the software not only claims to be the simplest software for explanatory videos, it also largely fulfills it. A very good thing for the video you need quickly, the effort involved in creating it is significantly reduced. The individual design leeway is of course somewhat more limited.


free tool

Vyond - Web-based tool for explainer videos

Big advantage: This software is web-based, so it can be executed directly in the browser and from any device. Vyond offers a wide range of possibilities - from whitboards to infographics to contemporary. A large number of characters and poses are available for the design, you can work with a large number of moods - this makes explanatory videos very lively and convincing. Of course, you can also create your own characters quickly and easily.


  • free trial
  • quite complex pricing structure of $ 49 to $ 159 per month

Explain Everything - Create explainer videos quickly

This tool is primarily intended for learning videos - it can also be used to implement explanatory videos. The operation is very simple and the handling is very good. A top recommendation for anyone who wants to explain really complex content.


  • free trial
  • Team account $ 7.99 per month
  • Individuals account $ 8.99 per month

Videoscribe - explainer video software on the computer

Whiteboard animation software in the style of “scribble film”, in which sequences are drawn by a hand with a pen. Lots of included icons and drawings as well as great zoom effects speak for the software. You have to install this on your computer or as an app for the iPad.


  • 25 euros / month single user
  • 13 euros / month with annual booking single user
  • 550 euros one-time payment

Doodly -

You have probably just run into the platform several times, the company is advertising quite aggressively. Advertising promise: Anyone, really anyone can use it to create doodle videos. The special thing about it: the hand movements that trace the outlines of an image are not available for a specific number of ready-made images. With a new technology, Doodly manages to “trace” almost every picture you upload.


  • $ 39 / month standard
  • $ 59 / month Platinum (more props, pictures, music and characters)
  • $ 69 / month Enterprise (including commercial usage rights)

Humaaans - Make your own character design

Individuality is the big thing with the explanatory videos. With the ready-made characters of the tool platforms, you can only stand out from the crowd to a limited extent. This is where humaaans helps. With the platform you can create your own characters, assemble a large library of individual body parts into characters that can be animated.


completely free use in all areas