How many Chinatowns are there in Malaysia


Now we are on the road for exactly six months! 😊

The first destination for the day was the Batu Caves, which are a Hindu sanctuary. Since this was not Buddhist and therefore something new for us, we also decided that we would visit a temple again ... 😉 It was very interesting and you felt a bit like in India. It was a nice trip, if a little sweaty, as it was very warm.
Then we drove back to the center, where we ate a very tasty “nasi lemak” with a super crispy chicken.
After a short break in the hostel, we walked through the old city center, past old residential and commercial buildings to the central market, where there are many souvenirs. There we met a lot of tourists from the cruise ships, as we did at the Petronas Towers. Then it went past the old mosque, to the main square with beautiful old buildings, an old church and a cool, walk-in fountain. Then we went to a café.
In the evening we took part in an event organized by the hostel. There was a free dinner with "Asam Laksa", a typical Malaysian meal. This took place in a different hostel, a few minutes away from ours. There we met some nice people from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, USA and England. It was very nice, especially with Bridget, a 62 year old American who now wants to be around the world for at least 10 years. After dinner we went to the rooftop bar of our hostel for a free cocktail and then to a tour to other hidden bars, whose entrances are not so easy to find. It was very cool! 😎Read more