Is Total War better than EU4

Re: EU4 or CK2?

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I didn't quite understand the thing with the mod either. Perhaps you should do something about it.
As for the two games. If I am to compare like that, then I have to say that EU4 is a bit more rudimentary. Ultimately, enlargement is really only possible through war. At CK2 you also have the opportunity to ensure that your descendants not only inherit your property (e.g. Bohemia) but also other things (e.g. Hungary) through a clever marriage policy and assassination actions. And if you behave in a clumsy manner, then your kingdom will also be inherited by 2 different people. Of course, inheritance law is also important in your culture. That's why I think it's crucial whether you want to invest a lot of time in things like marriage politics and inheritance or not. Possible alliances in wars also depend on it.
For me, CK2 is the more complex game, but that doesn't mean I would say EU4 is any less fun. EU4 also has the most players. Normally you only know which one likes best when you have actually seen it or even played it. If you come from Stellaris I would even say that maybe EU4 would be better, because my ranking of complexity is Stellaris