What are the best vitamins

Multivitamin Test 2021 • The 10 best multivitamins in comparison

What is a multivitamin and how does it work?

Many manufacturers offer Food supplements at that a high dosage of multivitamin included. Tablets or capsules are dosed as it is Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in relation to vitamins suggests. They usually contain expensive multivitamin supplements as compared to cheap products significantly more ingredients.

In the Manufacturing Magnesium stearates are often used as a release agent. This Release agent is relatively cheap. An external test found that this ingredient can cause allergies in some people. In addition, it can hinder the absorption of nutrients.

The most popular Manufacturer of multivitamin Products are according to our comparison Abbey, double heart, nobilin and nu3. With this multivitamin Nutritional supplements you can be sure that these are not overdosed and well tolerated. In general, a multivitamin should only be taken when the intake is on Vitamins through the nutrition not enough.

A Ökotest comparison has shown in the past that, through a vegetarian and vegan diet, dietary supplements in the form of Vitamin tablets are particularly important. So if you want to eat very little dairy products, you should eat vitamin B12 in particular. Many multivitamin supplements contain many vitamins and Minerals. According to the test, they are available as day or night capsules or Vitamin tablets to disposal.

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What types of multivitamins are there?

Multivitamin supplements are usually called

  • Capsules
  • Vitamin tablets
  • Coated tablets
  • Effervescent tablets
  • syrup
  • powder

offered. The best Multivitamins should have a wide range according to the test Minerals as well as essential Vitamins exhibit.

Especially vitamins from the Vitamin B range take on many important tasks in the human body. Because of this, the best multivitamin contains many B vitamins. In addition, you should make sure that it contains a natural form of vitamin E. A synthetic one Vitamin E. contains some ineffective compounds in comparison.

In addition, there are multivitamin products that contain calcium, chromium, magnesium, iodine, copper, molybdenum, manganese, zinc and selenium. In making the Multivitamin supplements the use of phosphorus, fluorine and sodium should be avoided. When choosing multivitamin products, it is always worth comparing the ingredients.

A good vitamin supplement contains only a few Additives and should go through a careful procedure getting produced. Vitamin tablets should be free from allergens such as soy, corn, gluten and lactose. Aromas, colors, fragrances and preservatives should also be avoided. Some Vitamin tablets are even free from gelatine and other animal substances.

Thus, compared to conventional multivitamin preparations, they are also suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians well suited. If you have difficulty swallowing, consider multivitamin Effervescent tablets use. They are easier to take, but according to an external test, they often have aromas.

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers / brands

The following 7 manufacturers are among the best multivitamin manufacturers:

  • Sundt Nutrition B.V.
  • abbey
  • Nu3
  • Double heart
  • Vitacare
  • La Vita
  • Nobilin (Medicom Pharma)
The manufacturer Sundt Nutrition B.V. attaches great importance to high bioavailability. All products are free from additives and are suitable for vegans or vegetarians. Due to a complex, liposomal processing, your body can absorb the supplements completely unchanged. According to the manufacturer, the full power of the active ingredients should be available to every user. Sundt preparations are extremely well tolerated. Many products are considered liposomal. The high-quality active ingredients can be integrated into the liposomes in a complex process. Phospholipids are used for this. That has the advantage of being in addition valuable ingredients be available. The phospholipids bring the ingredients to exactly the areas of the body where they are needed most. The ingredients offer high bioavailability and tolerance. The specialist for high-quality vitamin products offers a variety of vitamin preparations.
The specialist abbey has been offering nutritional supplements and natural products for over 120 years. These are Immun Kraft Vitamin-Vital-Complexes or special vitamin cures like Magnesium 500 Plus. According to the test, this high-dose product should support muscles, heart and nerves. The manufacturer Abtei is considered an expert in wellbeing. The carefully manufactured Abbey products should enable you to avoid diseases. You can use all products as a supplement to your diet. Even today, all products are traditionally made according to the knowledge of monastery medicine. The latest technology and modern science are combined with monastery medicine. The Abtei company has received several awards in the past. The German Abbey has been the most trustworthy brand in the vitamins category for the 15th time.
The manufacturer Nu3 specializes in the production of various multivitamin preparations. The range mainly includes innovative products that are ideally suited to intelligent nutrition. The variety of products should help you in the area of ​​fitness. According to the test by Nu3 products, all necessary nutrients can be taken in sufficient quantities. In this way, you can optimally stock up on vitamins, trace elements and minerals in the event of a deficiency. When developing the preparations, we focus on high quality and the power of nature. The company nu3 was founded in 2011. A small office has now become a company with around 65 employees. To date, the specialist has brought over 200 products onto the market. In addition to vitamin preparations, products from the field of natural food, fitness or beauty are also offered.
Compared to other manufacturers, the brand lies Double heart climate protection and sustainability are particularly important to us. The conservation of resources has been an important topic for the vitamin specialist for 20 years. Environmentally conscious thinking is taken very seriously not only by the Doppelherz brand, but also by the entire Queisser Pharma GmbH company. An external test has shown that the manufacturer's vitamin preparations are of very high quality and sustainable. This is also confirmed by a wide variety of quality standards and seals. When buying Doppelherz products, you can always be sure that the manufacturer supplies you with a high level of purity in raw materials and ingredients. For example, products with omega-3 fatty acids are only obtained from fish that come from sustainable fisheries. Quality and sustainability also play a major role in the choice of ingredients.
Vitacare is the specialist for dietary supplements and vitamin preparations. All products are made in Germany and offer a high level of quality. In addition to combination devices, the manufacturer's offer also includes many individual vitamin preparations. These are vitamin C and zinc, vitamin D3 capsules or Vitacare Complex multivitamin preparations. Only herbal ingredients are used for the production. Some products contain Omega 3 and can be used preventively for joint protection, heart health and brain function. Hardly any other ingredient has such a positive effect on the human body. According to external tests, VitaCare products are always well dosed and can also be taken without hesitation over a longer period of time.
The manufacturer LaVita has brought a natural product onto the market, which is made from 70 foods and all important micronutrients such as trace elements and vitamins. According to the test, the manufacturer is a specialist in the daily supply of micronutrients. The company's motto is: Health is not a coincidence. LaVita products convince with vitamins that are obtained exclusively from natural foods. They are gently processed into a well-dosed micronutrient concentrate. There are 70 natural ingredients in a bottle of LaVita, all of which are of natural origin. For example, herbs, vegetable oils and fruits are used for production. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that his product is not only produced particularly gently, but also without additives and preservatives. LaVita is free from heavy metals and pesticides. According to the test, the dosage is on a scientific basis.
The enterprise Medicom Pharma has with his Nobilin products launched a variety of dietary supplements. The special vital substances can help you feel good. The products with nutrients and vitamins are well tolerated according to an external test. All multivitamin preparations are made in Germany. Many products are 100% vegan and are made entirely without animal testing or genetic engineering. Only raw materials are used in the production that are bioavailable and come from well-known manufacturers. At the same time, care is taken to ensure that only scientifically sensible dosages are used. Direct granules, high-quality soft gel capsules or LiCaps capsules are offered as dosage forms. No gluten or lactose is used in the production of the dietary supplements.

This is how multivitamin supplements are tested

At a Vitamin supplement Test is special on the following points value placed:


According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, vitamin preparations belong to the group of Food supplements. The ingredients are clearly defined by a directive at European level. The dosage of vitamins, minerals or trace elements are covered by the directive 2002/46 / EC clearly regulated. Always check the dosage for your treatment before making a purchase.

Mode of action

Depending on the type of presentation, different Vitamin preparations examined more closely in an external test. Effervescent tablets, juice or syrup are often used body absorbed faster than capsules or tablets. Compared to juice, these must first dissolve in the body. The test but also shows that capsules, coated tablets and tablets create a kind of depot in the body. This allows the active ingredients to be absorbed step by step.


Depending on your needs, you are available as a Dosage forms Capsules, tablets, dragees, syrups, powders or effervescent tablets are available. Juice is easy to dose for children. Effervescent tablets are also easy to use. They have a delicious taste and are for people who are under a Lactose intolerance or have difficulty swallowing, also the best choice. Pills can be easily integrated for a stressful everyday life. They also offer the best possible dosage and are also available in larger sizes packagings available. Compared to tablets, capsules do not offer any Aftertaste.

They are well suited for travel and are often also offered lactose-free. For competitive athletes Multivitamin Powder is the best way to get vitamins in the form of smoothies or other drinks.

Single or combined preparations

At a test special attention is paid to whether it is a single or a combination preparation. Individual preparations can be used specifically in the event of a vitamin deficiency. Multivitamin products however, are the best choice when there is a lack of different vitamins was diagnosed. Through a Combination preparation prevents many individual vitamin tablets from having to be taken. They can be taken as a supplement to the diet. The need for vitamins should always be determined in advance in order to rule out an overdose.

Pack size

An important criteria at a comparison of the most diverse multivitamin products is the pack size. Many manufacturers offer their vitamin supplements in larger sizes packagings much cheaper. Accordingly, you should consider in advance how high your need for vitamins, Minerals or trace elements. A comparison shows that many products can be stored for a longer period of time. A larger packaging unit is also useful if your doctor recommends a longer one Vitamin diet has prescribed. At a Long term treatment bulk packaging is worthwhile compared to smaller units. According to the test, you save quite a bit of money.

Frequent deficiencies and weaknesses - I have to pay attention to these when buying multivitamin supplements!

As with all products, it also happens according to external tests Vitamin supplements to some flaws. These include:

  • Product contains additives
  • Minerals, Vitamins and trace elements are too high in doses
  • Product has an expiration date that is too short
  • Tablets dissolve nausea or Stomach problems out
  • Not for vegan suitable

According to the test, the Heycreation not always without gluten, sugar, flavor enhancers or magnesium stearate. If Tablets or coated tablets are made with gelatine, they are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. If the tablets or effervescent tablets make you feel sick, you probably took them at the wrong time. It is advisable to take multivitamin products, ideally with meals.

Then they are best tolerated by the body. A good alternative is one Multivitamin syrup. According to the test, such products are also particularly good for children suitable. If you have a bigger one Packaging Unit you should always take a look at the best-before date. In addition, it must be ensured that the tablets or coated tablets are stored in a dry place.

Often times are Bulk packs not useful if the body with many through a balanced diet Vitamins and trace elements is supplied. In this case it should Food supplements not to be taken daily. During a test, care is always taken to ensure that the product being tested does not contain too many or too few vitamins. According to a test by Stiftung Warentest, the dosage for many products is far too high. With these Multivitamin products you should be very careful when taking it.

If you want to do something special for the body, you should therefore use a high-quality product from Germany, which is based on the regulation of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment holds.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my multivitamin supplements?

You can buy multivitamin preparations in specialist shops or on the Internet. In specialist shops you can find the comparison on the Internet mostly only a small selection Vitamin supplements. The selection in online shops is much larger.

Another advantage is that you can precisely compare the most varied of products with one another. In addition, you do not run the risk of a salesperson telling you the wrong thing.

Online shops are available to you 24/7 to disposal. You can therefore take the vitamin food supplement after work or on weekend choose. When buying, don't just pay attention to the Price, but also on the dosage form or pack size. In some cases, you can save money by buying several packages, as the price is lower than the price per unit.

Stiftung Warentest multivitamin preparation test - the results

The Stiftung Warentest has already brought out several tests for multivitamins and vitamins in the past. The last test is from 2019. In this test it was found that many Multivitamin products the dosage is way too high. Already in a test 9/2017 the testers complained that 29 of 35 multivitamin products were too high in doses. They exceeded the maximum amount proposed by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment for Vitamin food supplements. In the test, the dosage of the ingredients was primarily evaluated. A test winner was not chosen. Rather, the testers checked whether the Maximum quantities exceeded or complied with.

Öko-Test had also dealt with the topic of multivitamin several times in the past. In this test were 49 vitamin products tested. Only three of these products were given an overall rating of satisfactory. All tested dietary supplements come from drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets or from the Internet. In the latest test by Stiftung Warentest, 26 vitamin tablets were rated as u high doses.

At 10 products the overdose was even described as drastic. A Overdose can be problematic for your health. This is especially true for the fat-soluble vitamins. They accumulate in the human body and can make you sick in the long run. These include, among other things Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.


Which vitamins are contained in multivitamin supplements?

In many products are omega3, Minerals, vitaminContain vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin K.. You should always take the combination directly with a meal. An external test has shown that it is otherwise too Stomach problems how nausea can come.

What is the best multivitamin product?

According to an external test, the best vitamin supplement is a Combination preparation, which optimally supplies the body with vitamins. In the Manufacturing no additives or gluten should be used. According to the test, multivitamin effervescent tablets are particularly stomach-friendly for many people. They are simply dissolved in water and can be drunk with meals. The best product in comparison is one on the market Dietary supplements, which is made without flavors, fragrances or flavor enhancers. According to the test, sugar or gluten should also be avoided.

When should vitamin tablets be taken?

Vitamin tablets are best taken with a normal meal. In the case of tablets or capsules, it is also important that enough liquid is drunk so that they slide faster. This should be done during a vitamin regimenMultivitamin preparation always be taken at the same time. Thus, the body is always optimally supplied with minerals and nutrients.

How useful are multivitamin supplements?

The Ingestion of Vitamins always makes sense when the body is not adequately supplied by nutrition. Many people are so involved in their jobs that they do not pay attention to a healthy diet.

In this case, it makes sense to take dietary supplements. According to Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Around 25 - 30% of Germans regularly take vitamin supplements.

How healthy are vitamin tablets?

Vitamins, minerals and nutrient are required for a wide variety of body functions. A lack of vitamins can cause a wide variety of complaints such as fatigue, susceptibility to colds or Hair loss. Usually, many vitamins and nutrients can be absorbed through a healthy diet. There vegan and vegetarian Above all, you should avoid animal ingredients Vitamins in Tablets or take capsule form. Pregnant women also have an increased need for vitamins. However, it should always be ensured that there is no overdose. Too many vitamins can do that body burden unnecessarily.

In which foods does vitamin A occur?

Vitamin A is also called Retinol designated. This vitamin comes in Food such as milk, fish, liver or egg yolk. Vitamin A can also be produced as beta-carotene. Otherwise, the vitamin can be found in the diet, especially in foods of animal origin. Accordingly, vegans and vegetarians should be particularly careful that there is no lack of vitamin A.

The vitamin is important for the best regulation of growth and the development and regeneration of cells. Vitamin A But it also plays an important role in the visual process and can release free radicals.

What should be considered when buying multivitamin products?

When buying Multivitamins Products you should always pay attention to the best composition of vitamins and nutrients. It should be a Combination vitamin preparation act, which can be used for a lack of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. So that you do not run the risk of ingesting too many vitamins, it is best to ask your doctor whether you have one before buying one defect is present.

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