How is your life at 30

“How would you like to live in 30 years?” - a few answers


We are sitting comfortably on the sofa one Sunday and my husband's question hits me, well let's put it this way, a little unprepared. Is that a trick question, I think at first. “Honey, of course, preferably with you and under palm trees, with a view of the setting sun. Do you remember this small island in the Caribbean ... "

This answer saves me from the moment of shock, realistically speaking, it is of course complete nonsense. But the question stays on my mind. How do I actually imagine my life in 30 years? It's not that easy to find a short answer to that. How good that in February on Still Sparkling everything revolves around the topic of time leaps and that I can travel into the future with my time capsule instead of into the past to see what the world will look like in 2049. Are you coming with me?


"The best way to predict the future is to shape it"
Willy Brandt


The world in 30 years

In order to imagine what my life will be like in 30 years, I first have to imagine the world in 30 years. In what environment will I live?

Let's look back 30 years for the time being. If you made an appointment with someone back then, you were on time at the agreed meeting point. Cell phones (let alone smartphones) weren't even remotely invented. So nothing with a quick WhatsApp "You, it will be 10 minutes later for me, go inside." It still worked out well, without missing anything.


Will it go on like this?

Of course I'm not a futurologist, but let's assume that digitization will find its way into our everyday lives faster, further and deeper. Whether that's good or bad is an open question. It will happen. I imagine refrigerators that automatically order groceries, my new hip joint comes individually from the 3D printer and because there are self-driving cars, I don't have to worry about handing in my driver's license at 83.

Stay tuned

So far so good. The world will definitely be different than it is today. I still want to be able to find my way in this (beautiful?) New world and not end up on the sidelines. Because this much is clear to me:


Even at the age of 80 I would like to lead a self-determined, fulfilling life.


Incidentally, this is what most of my friends I have asked about this topic also want:


Rolf (his first thriller was just finished - still has big plans:
“... At 82, I wrote at least the 25th Wamprechtshammer thriller. My wife and I frolic in the country and let self-driving e-taxis drive us through the area. Otherwise, I hope that one or the other party does not turn out to be a senior evening. After all, 80 is the new 60, isn't it? So rambazamba instead of coffee gossip. Meanwhile, my children are at least as happy and healthy as I am and enjoy every moment. "


Norman and Max want to commute between Munich and a hot water destination, make at least one cool film a year and keep in close contact with their many friends. "We are actually not afraid of getting older."


Iris wishes to be “as open-minded and capable of learning as my mom is showing me today. I want to keep having fun and being healthy. I also think the idea of ​​a shared apartment for the elderly is great. I would like to live there. "


Antonia will be 60 in 30 years and would like to “have earned so much to be able to spend a secure and fulfilling retirement age. I would like my children to have good prospects and, above all, a happy time. I am only afraid of serious illnesses or unforeseeable events that would no longer make it possible for me to lead an independent life. "


Sani and Coco (the people who have traveled the most flight kilometers that I know ...) want to keep traveling when they get older. They are also happy “to no longer have to work and look forward to the grandchildren. We are afraid of losing a loved one. " With a house in the south for the winter, they join Norman and Max…. maybe they'll meet on the beach one day.


That's what friends are for

I become aware of one thing when I read these comments: Without a well-groomed and active circle of friends, things will get pretty bland at 80. But that was somehow clear to me beforehand. So that we - my husband and I - will live a full life for the next 30 years and beyond our friends at least as important as our family and health. Conversations with friends influence our mental flexibility, while traveling together keeps our curiosity awake. The exchange and the network are a magic elixir.

A self-determined life in old age begins: Right now!


For me, that also means: Today I am setting the course for my life in the future. How I imagine it, what my hopes and desires are, will also determine how I will be in 30 years' time. To live independently means, conversely, to act responsibly. And that in all aspects: financially, physically, mentally and socially.


Mindset is everything ...

... that is a sentence that you have read quite often in one form or another on Still Sparkling. I am firmly convinced that I can influence my life positively or negatively with my attitude. It is entirely up to me from which perspective I will look at the next 30 years and the developments that they will bring with them.


Oh my god, and it all started with a harmless question on the sofa. I'm getting out of my time capsule again and land on the facts. I still have to do laundry and empty the dishwasher. In 30 years, my house robot will do it for me. Hopefully!


Your Martina


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