What's the story of dubstep

Dubstep producing workshop

This is how you create dubstep tracks

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Dubstep is an electronic music genre originally from London that not only exists as an independent genre, but is also often used as a remix basis.

In the following workshop we want to take a closer look at this style and show you how dubstep tracks are structured, how they can be produced and integrated into existing productions. But first some background knowledge.

The genesis

Wikipedia says that “Dubstep describes a genre of music that was largely developed in South London and emerged from Garage and 2 Step.” It should have started around 2001, although there is no consensus on what exactly the first Dubstep record was. UK garage DJ El-B is listed as the first dubstep producer in several sources. The name "Dubstep" comes from Club Forward, which was looking for a suitable term for the newly emerging music genre. Diverse influences from electro, jungle and other electronic styles were quickly absorbed and artists like Skream or Benga developed dubstep further and further away from the garage roots. A kind of “sister genre” is grime, a British form of hip-hop that has similar roots but, unlike the mostly instrumental dubstep, also includes rap. Many producers of grime instrumentals also made a name for themselves as dubstep artists. (Source: Wikipedia)