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Idols are only human too. And of course it is no secret that they are under high media pressure. Nevertheless - or maybe because of that - it can happen that a few words slip over the tongue that were a bit too cheeky afterwards.

Usually there are statements and lots of excuses when something like this happens. However, K-netizens in particular (fans and haters who make the Internet unsafe) are not so quick to forget what the idols have said to their own disadvantage. Maybe one day we will grow grass over the matter. Or the fan base is big enough that at some point it won't bother you anymore. But they are there, these memories. And let's take a closer look at that now.

Zico (formerly Block B), 2012

We are in Thailand, Block.B was interviewed for Thai TV. The band had been getting negative attention the whole time because they were making noises, trampling their feet and doing things wildly. The then leader Zico, however, broke this behavior when asked about recent events.

The interviewer broached the subject of the flood, which had hit Thailand unhappily just a few hours earlier and claimed many victims. Zico stated that he knew about it, even if at first he wanted to pretend it wasn't.

I wish the Thai people concerned can overcome this in their hearts. All we can give is money. How about 7,000 won? Zico

The problem with that: 7,000 won is the equivalent of around 6 euros. The fact that they then laughed heartily didn't make this statement any better.

The audience was dismayed. And Nichkhun (2PM) also expressed himself reproachfully on Twitter, as he felt offended by his origin from Thailand. His colleagues supported him, and a short time later Block.B apologized full of remorse and shame.

The incident did not harm the further development of Block.Bs success. However, netizens keep reminding you when Zico comments negatively on any topic. Among other things, in 2016, when he repeatedly requested an apology from LG Health & Cosmetics because his name had been illegally used for advertising purposes.

Jennie (Blackpink), 2017

In 2017, Blackpink were on the show Knowing Brothers to guest. The singer Jennie showed a behavior that made many fans nauseous. She was asked if she was learning English and what city she was living in at the time. She reacted very shady in her replies, which meant she had to take a lot of criticism. There was never any reaction from her, instead netizens began to dig up more and more problematic incidents related to her.

Nayeon (Twice), Krystal (f (x)) and more

I found an interesting video for you on this topic. It goes without saying that one must not overestimate everything that concerns this subject. But these are situations for which those were subsequently very much criticized.

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