What do Turkmens think of Turks

politics : USA take action against Turks in Iraq

Istanbul. US troops captured eleven Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq, causing tension between the two NATO partners. The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke of an unacceptable and "ugly incident" on Saturday. Erdogan's government demanded that Washington release the soldiers immediately. In the course of the evening, some of the soldiers are said to have been released, Erdogan told NTV television. The incident brought to light the simmering conflict of interest between the US and Turkey in northern Iraq.

According to Turkish information, around 100 US soldiers stormed a liaison office of the Turkish army in the city of Sülemaniye in northern Iraq's Kurdish region on Friday afternoon. Eleven stunned Turkish soldiers who initially believed that the Americans were visiting were disarmed and taken to a US base in the nearby city of Kirkuk. The US soldiers are said to have cut communications in Sülemaniye in order to keep the incident secret for as long as possible. The US troops justified the capture with an allegedly planned Turkish assassination attempt on the Kurdish governor of Kirkuk, reported Turkish media. The Turkish government denied this allegation; There was initially no statement from the American side.

In Ankara, the Turkish government pulled out all the stops to secure the release of the soldiers. Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül summoned diplomats from the US embassy and telephoned his US counterpart Colin Powell. Erdogan said that is not how you treat allies with one another. In protest, Turkey closed its only border crossing to Iraq, through which many supplies had reached the northern Iraqi Kurdish region in recent weeks.

Special units of the Turkish army have been stationed in northern Iraq for years to pursue the Turkish-Kurdish rebel organization PKK and also to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state. The Turkish soldiers therefore stayed in the region during the Iraq war, but did not take part in the fighting. Because they support the Turkmen ethnic group, which is related to the Turks and rivals the Kurds, the northern Iraqi Kurds see them as a threat to their autonomy. The USA wants the Turkish troops to withdraw, which Ankara rejects with reference to the PKK associations that are still entrenched there. In March, Turkish-American relations entered a serious crisis because Turkey refused to station US troops for the Iraq war. The US action in Sülemaniye is now bursting into a phase of rapprochement.

Seven Iraqis were killed and 40 others injured in an explosion in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Saturday. A US Army spokesman in Baghdad said the explosion occurred at a police building where a graduation ceremony for graduates of police officers was taking place. It was probably a self-made explosive device.

A British journalist was shot dead in Baghdad on Saturday evening. The approximately 25-year-old man was killed by strangers in front of the National Museum, according to US information. The British Foreign Office confirmed the death of a British man.

Dispute over "Fuchs" tanks

The FDP accuses the federal government of having deceived the public about the role of the German "Fuchs" type armored vehicles in Kuwait. The FDP foreign expert Werner Hoyer demanded clarification from Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer in a letter, as the "Welt" reported. The background is a statement by Defense State Secretary Hans Georg Wagner (SPD), which, in Hoyer's opinion, proves that the stationing of the armored vehicles was directly related to the Iraq war. The German government had given assurances that the armored vehicles would only be used in the fight against international terrorism, but not in the Iraq war.

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