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Our new adventure tour also includes an Amazon cruise. The largest forest on earth lets you recharge your batteries. A place full of soul. In the organic hotspot, wild orchids, bromeliads and giant elephant ears grow with leaves the size of tablecloths. The animal world is also a zoological treasure trove. Have you ever heard of the stinker who thinks he's a cow? The two guides, who were born in the jungle, show me how you can survive here with the help of the plants, trees and animals. I am learning that some trees are good for cancer and others are good for inflammation. The jungle as a botanical garden, restaurant and pharmacy in one.

Sexy woman? Indeed! The name of the Inca fortress Sacsayhuamán near Cusco in the heart of Peru not only sounds so similar, it is also easy to remember. Overwhelmed by the sheer size, I can't stop being amazed. I run my hand over one of the walls. The huge chunks are put together so perfectly without mortar that not even a sheet of paper fits between them.

My head is pounding - probably due to the altitude. I am persuaded to try a mate de coca, which is made from the leaves of the coca bush. The Inca medicine works quickly, and soon I feel better. Breathtaking - that's how I experience the first few hours in the Andean highlands. After acclimatizing successfully, I felt electrified because of the large number of newly acquired red blood cells.

In Chinchero near the adobe church, a woman puts chuños into my hand. I'm surprised - the potatoes are as light as styrofoam. This method of freeze-drying was already used by the Incas to preserve potatoes. The tuber has been grown here for 8,000 years. Over 3,000 different species are known! A plate of cuy, guinea pigs, is served for lunch. A delicacy in the Andes - for us Central Europeans a little overcoming. The cute rodents are bred especially for consumption in Peru and cuy is a national dish there. Other countries other manners!

Come with us on a journey of discovery through the empire of the Inca and let yourself be captured by the magic that can only be felt here in the unique landscape of the Andean highlands.

Your Andrea Bohnsack