What is the capital of korea

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Official name:
Republic of Korea
South Korean won
51.7 million
National holiday:
October 3; mythological foundation day

South Korea is located on the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. In the west of South Korea lies the Yellow Sea, in the south the East China and in the east the Japanese Sea. The only neighboring country is North Korea in the north. As with us, there are four seasons. The summers are pleasantly warm. There are large temperature differences between day and night in the mountains. The winters are very cold.

Democratic peninsula

South Korea is a republic with a presidential constitution. The people elect the president by direct election for five years. Re-election is not possible. The prime minister is at the head of the government. He is appointed by the president. With around 10 million inhabitants, the capital Seoul is the largest city in the country and, together with the surrounding area, the second largest metropolitan area in the world. 23 million people inhabit this region. Life expectancy in South Korea is very high.

Separate families

The Korean peninsula was part of Japan until 1945. After the Second World War, the USA and the Soviet Union divided the peninsula into a southern and a northern half. While the north developed into a people's republic along the lines of the Soviet Union, the south transformed into a republic with the help of the USA. South Korea was founded on August 15, 1948. A few days later, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea emerged in the north of the peninsula. It was particularly sad for families who suddenly lived in two warring states across the border and were no longer allowed to see each other. Today, in contrast to North Korea, South Korea is a modern country and has good relations with western states, with which it does a lot of trade.

Seaweed and sea cucumber

Major exports from South Korea are automobiles and electronics. Many South Koreans also make a living from growing rice or tobacco. Fishing is also economically important. Some women have a special activity off the coast of Cheju Island. For centuries they have been diving up to 18 meters deep to bring up seaweed and sea cucumbers. The diving women can hold their breath for up to 4 minutes.

To sing? Gladly, but only karaoke!

The passion of many South Koreans of all ages is karaoke. Competitions in karaoke bars are very popular. Koreans use different letters to write than we do. Her alphabet has 51 characters. All boys and girls from the age of 6 must go to school. The six years of primary school are followed by three years at a middle school. Attending high school for three more years is optional. In addition to English, the children also learn Chinese or Japanese as a foreign language, and rarely also European languages. School is very strict and at home, too, most parents make sure that their children study hard.