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Durian / stink fruit

The DurianFruit of the durio or civet tree, which is up to 20 meters high, is also called Stink fruit known. The yellow-green fruit itself is the size of the head and has spines up to 1 cm long. The taste of the yellowish-white pulp is reminiscent of caramel. The pulp envelops 6 large yellow-brown seeds. These are a real delicacy when roasted. A durian fruit can be a Weight up to 3 kg to reach. The shell of the Durian is covered with many small, pointed bumps and is dark yellow to olive green in color. The smell, however, is a bit unpleasant, a mixture of old cheese, onion and turpentine. The Durian comes from Southeast Asia.

Health value of durian

The durian fruit has one high nutrient and vitamin content, like vitamins B1, B2 and C, but also high in calories.

Optimal storage of the durian

The shelf life of the fruits is short. Cut fruits should be consumed immediately, as the pulp can quickly become rancid and sour. It then turns brown. The storage of undamaged fruits is at a temperature of 8 ° C and 80 percent relative humidity, up to three weeks possible.

Using the Durian

Taste durian raw, maybe cared for with a little sugar, best. The fruits are cut into each of the five chambers with a sharp knife and then broken out. Each individual chamber contains at least 2 to 3 seeds, which are surrounded by the whitish-yellow and soft pulp. The cores triggered in the process can roasted in the pan become. They are very tasty. The actual pulp can be used in jams, Sorbets, ice cream and pastries vto be worked out.

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The pulp of the durian is healthy
The durian opened © issgesund

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