How can I change my dress style?

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Ready-made clothing - with a lot of luck it will fit perfectly straight away. But often a piece of clothing does not fit properly.

You are probably familiar with the following situation:

You discover a piece of clothing that you have been looking for for so long. You slip in full of anticipation - and it does NOT fit! The skirt or dress is too long, the sleeve length of the blouse or jacket extends to the fingertips, the waist is too wide and you ask yourself the question - is it worth making a change or is it better to keep looking?

(Have clothes changed) "What doesn't fit ... is made to fit!"

How often - and what do you use a tailor's service for?

Or do you change your clothes yourself?

Probably far too little.

Mostly it is limited to shortening trousers. But there is much more possible - if you are creative. As a trained bespoke tailor and clothing technician in the area of ​​"design", I know what I'm talking about.

We don't always fit into what we want to fit into.

The clothes you find in the shop are made for the average customer of the respective manufacturer. Sizes and fits therefore vary from label to label. More information: blog post "Dress sizes and fit"

At 163 cm, I am shorter than the average German woman of around 170 cm. This means that knee-length skirts are almost calf-length for me. My hollow back regularly lets the waistband of skirts and trousers “flap”, which is why the sewing needle has to be pulled out here as well.

For some customers, the armholes are too narrow, shoulders flicker, bust darts bulge.

Where is it slagging or jamming with you?

Do not accept that, but look for solutions with a tailor.

Be creative!

Think beyond changing clothes.

Some examples:

  • A dress that has become too tight around the hips could become a great top.
  • A dress that only hangs in the closet could be sewn into a skirt and used much more often (see picture below right).
  • Is your old striped blouse or denim jacket too boring? Then iron “patches” on it.

A customer of mine took advantage of another creative opportunity: She owned many dresses without sleeves. In business, however, she has to cover her shoulders. Therefore, she had sleeves sewn in afterwards by the tailor and can now wear her clothes in the office without a jacket or blazer. This change is suitable for both short and long sleeves (see picture below left).

Sleeves can be sewn in later
A dress becomes a skirt

A Tip for your favorite washed-out items of clothing: There is the possibility of having the cut "removed" from the existing item of clothing - and to make a new item of clothing from it. This is done by a bespoke studio.

Can my tailor even do that?

During my cloakroom checks, I pass many of the above ideas on to my customers. Sometimes the convenience of even getting the garment to the tailor wins out - or the fear of not finding a good tailor. That is understandable. Therefore, ask for experience and recommendations in your environment. You can test the tailor with a small change and if in doubt, get a second opinion.

Is it worth the cost of making changes?

The other day a customer said “The skirt was reduced and only cost 30 euros. The change costs more - it's not worth it! ”I say - it's worth it - if the skirt is worn afterwards. Otherwise, even a "bargain" for 30 euros goes to waste unnecessarily in the closet.

Change clothes - the woman (the man) is herself

Do you enjoy sewing and do not dare to approach clothes yet? Take courage. Sew on trousers and be creative - you can do that too! There are more and more sewing schools and workshops that are offered on the topic. You can have complicated changes made by a professional tailor first.

So the next time you try on something in the store - or when you do your cloakroom check - think about possible changes and "upgrades".

Because our clothes are made for US - they should adapt to us and our proportions. Not the other way around.

From my heart

Sonja Garrison


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