Who is a fashion designer

Profession fashion designer

Anyone who is a fashion designer has a glamorous life and is financially secure? That goes for the great, world-famous designers, but for most it is a constant battle for orders and sales. By the way, if you want to call yourself a fashion designer, you can do so now without any problems. Because "fashion designer" or "fashion designer" is not a protected professional title. However, without training in fashion design or studying fashion design, you usually do not have the necessary know-how and experience to become successful.

What tasks do fashion designers have?

Becoming a fashion designer: this is a dream job for many people. They admire the great designers like Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld or Coco Chanel, and emulate them. But most of the time they don't know how much work is behind it. That is why we explain to you here what tasks fashion designers have.

Surely you already know that fashion designers wear clothes and Design fashion. But especially at the beginning of your career, you have a lot more to worry about. You have to know and choose the materials, create patterns and sew and manufacture the garments yourself. But of course you also have to Keep an eye on costswithout sacrificing quality. In addition, you have to think about how you set the prices for your collections and individual pieces.

Danger: The purchase of the necessary equipment is also expensive. Sewing machine, sewing accessories and Co. you have to plan in your budget.

But that's not all! To get known, you also have to take care of marketing and external communication. If you start out as a fashion designer, probably nobody knows you yet. So you have to spend time and money to showcase yourself and your work and make a name for yourself in the fashion world.

Become a fashion designer

How can you actually become a fashion designer? You can do this through two different educational pathways. On the one hand, you can do a fashion design training at a fashion school. This lasts two to three years and offers you the qualification “state-certified fashion designer” or an institute-internal fashion design certificate; Some fashion (technical) schools also offer the degree of "state-recognized fashion designer". Depending on your training and school, you can even train to become a bespoke tailor at the same time. This training is then completed in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

On the other hand, you can do a well-founded Education graduate from an art college or university. This usually takes six to eight semesters and includes internships and company projects. But you don't necessarily have to complete a degree in fashion design; a degree in fashion design or costume design also qualifies you to become a fashion designer. Nevertheless, you have to meet some requirements to study fashion.

An important prerequisite is a work sample in the form of a folder. In this folder you can express your understanding of art and design and show the art school that you fit their style. However, it is not that easy to decide which drawings and pictures to include in such an art folder. It is best to start creating the portfolio very early and also attend the portfolio course at the respective university. There you will learn which drawings and samples the university prefers and thus give yourself an advantage. But you can also look at examples of a portfolio.

Note: Some prospective students work for up to a year or more to put the portfolio together correctly.

University tip


You get entry into the fashion industry with the Bachelor “Mode Design” at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design. Here you prepare for working with model agencies, film productions and photographers. More details are available via the info button.

You are interested in studying fashion design and want to go straight to it find suitable universities? Then you will find what you are looking for in our database:

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What qualities does a fashion designer need?

As a fashion designer, of course, you need one thing above all else: creativity. You have to be able to think outside the box in order to shape new, unique trends. Even so, you should be able to cope with stress and be well organized. After all, there are important deadlines that you have to meet. For example, a collection for retail or a fashion show has to be ready by a certain point in time. You also need Perseveranceto keep creating new designs or not to get discouraged in difficult times. Craft skillssuch as sewing or the use of sewing accessories are of course also important.

Summary for those in a hurry

  • creativity
  • Stress resistance
  • good organization
  • Good communication
  • Perseverance
  • manual skills
  • Passion for fashion

Where do fashion designers work?

Self-employed with his own label

You can become a fashion designer and become self-employed. For that you set up a own label and market your collections to make yourself known. You choose the location where you work yourself. It can be at home or in a small, rented studio. However, self-employment comes with a lot of responsibility and you need important knowledge in marketing and business administration. You always have to all Keep an eye on numbers and costs and you are responsible for every little thing yourself.

If you already have good contacts in the fashion industry, it will be easier for you to sell or advertise your designs and clothes. As a newbie, however, it can be very difficult to work directly as a freelance fashion designer. Few designers can really make a living from their designs. You will find more security in a company in the fashion industry.

Instead of starting your own business with a label, you can work in a company in the fashion industry. These include, for example, a fashion agency, a fashion label or a costume shop. As an employed fashion designer, you have one higher security, because you have a steady job and a steady monthly income.

Employment in the theater or in film production is also possible. Because in series, films and screenings, the actors wear costumes or specially made clothing. However, in these industries you will mainly work under the professional title of costume designer.

If you are already looking for a fashion designer job, you can find it here current job advertisements:

Still not sure if you really want to become a fashion designer? Then we have a decision-making aid for you here. We have the most important for you Advantages and disadvantages of the job selected and compared:

  • Live out your own creativity
  • many trips (store checks, visits to trade fairs, production checks in the country of manufacture)
  • much variety
  • large fluctuations in income when self-employed
  • a lot of stress and time pressure
  • High demands / high pressure to succeed
  • A lot of competitors
  • constant accessibility