Why is Zwinky closed

The rifle houses will be reopened

It is with great relief and joy that the SSV takes note of the recent relaxation of the federal government in the field of sports. The demands of the riflemen for rapid easing were apparently answered. At the beginning of the week, the Swiss Shooting Association wrote an open letter to the management of Swiss Olympic and the Federal Office for Sport, demanding that half-open shooting ranges be opened. The SSV president is extremely happy about this positive development, which was also achieved thanks to the support of our well-meaning politicians: "Shooting is thus equated with other outdoor sports, everything else would have been difficult to understand," says Luca Filippini. Half-open shooting ranges are very well ventilated, and there are also tried and tested protection concepts: "To date, we are not aware of any infections with Covid-19 in shooting houses," said Filippini.

Starting next Monday, shooting ranges that are open to the outdoor targets on at least one side will be allowed to reopen. A maximum of 15 people are allowed in the shooting range. In addition to a protection concept, the following points must be strictly adhered to:

  • The shooting clubs must ensure that only the shooting master and those people who are shooting are in the shooting range; Groups of max. 15 people!

  • A mask must be worn where the minimum distance between people cannot be maintained.

  • Spectators are not allowed in the shooting range.

  • Any competitions are still prohibited for people born in 2000 or older, both indoors and outdoors.

The shooting room and other indoor shooting ranges have to remain closed for the time being. Individual use of such areas is not yet permitted either. However, it is possible to open up internal areas that are necessary for the use of the external area; Entrance areas, sanitary facilities and cloakrooms in particular may be kept open - while adhering to the protection concept.

Youth sports
Children and young people born in 2001 or younger may resume unlimited training and competition activities from March 1, 2021, but without an audience. Thus, J + S and young shooting courses are also allowed.

Protection concept
Last year, the Swiss Shooting Association developed a protection concept for outdoor shooting ranges. This will be adapted to the new regulations and published in the coming days. On the Internet at www.swissshooting.ch/coronavirus, the SSV also offers the clubs basic sketches for shooting ranges and templates for attendance lists.

The SSV is convinced that with the most recent easing and existing protective measures, a safe and contagious shooting sport is possible. The opening is not a matter of course, shooters are therefore required to strictly adhere to the protective measures and regulations. The association management would also like to thank the Federal Office for Sport FOSPO and Swiss Olympic for the open and targeted cooperation in favor of sport.