Miley Cyrus is a lesbian

Miley explains why she is not a lesbian (anymore)

Pop singer Miley Cyrus burns Liam Hemsworth with pithy slogans, but hurts her gay and lesbian fans.
After breaking up with Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus got distracted with Kaitlynn Carter. But only after a few weeks this relationship also broke up. She is currently in a relationship with Pop & R'n'B singer Cody Simpson.

On Instagram, the couple hinted at the beginning of the month that they had moved in together. "The day I move in," said Cody in an Insta story.

"There are also good people out there who have a tail"

Still, many fans doubt that Miley is really serious about Cody. And why was she with a woman in between? In an Insta-Live video, she now revealed the reason for this: "I have always believed that I had to be a lesbian because all men are bad, but that is not true."

Now you comment further: "There are good people in the world who have s *** s. I've only met one so far and there really is. Don't give up. You don't have to be homosexual, there are good people too with dick out there, you just have to find her. "

The swipe was clearly against ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, with whom she had an on / off relationship for a decade and whom she eventually married.

But Miley's fans of the LGBT community feel insulted after the Insta video. The singer has been campaigning for gays and lesbians for years. The fact that she now claims to have "decided" to be a lesbian in between shocks many. The injured fans accuse her that it is not a decision to be gay.

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