Who would win Itachi or Danzo?

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I think that Danzo would just win this fight, because I think that if Sasuke had fought the fight alone, he would have perished. He was at least supported and healed by Karin and Madara could have intervened in the fight at any time. But here is my judgment about the fight between Danzo and Itachi:
1. Itachi is a master of illusion, but Danzo should be very good at dissolving genjutsu. He at least managed to break through Sasuke's tsukuyomi (?). However, he was also occupied by a very weak genjutsu and did not see through, but If Izanagi also protects against genjutsu, then he should be able to handle genutsu quite well, since Itachi does not have the stamina to fire Tsukuyomi wildly and Danzo actually any weaker genjutsu (unless used as wisely as Sasuke) can dissolve.
2.Sasuke doesn't seem to have been significantly faster than Danzo. By that I don't mean the physical speed, but the attacks. The only attack in which Danzo had problems dodging or activating Izanagi was Susanoo's arrow. And even there he has just let wood grow out of his arm and dodged it. I think the only attack by Itachi with comparable speed is Totsuka, if you assume the speed in the fight against Nagato. But I have already mentioned Danzo's evasive options.
3. Now comes the chakra content, as expected. According to Karin, the chakra drops rapidly after using Izanagi. Izanagi has used 10 times plus some Fuuton jutsus and kuchiyose, but even after that he still had the strength to close a chakra blade Form and sprint towards Sasuke. So I consider Danzo's chakra pool to be large, but Itachi's chakra pool would have to be, assuming MS-Jutsu, Itachi probably has the stamina for 2-3 Amaterasu, 1 Tsukuyomi and Susanoo for an estimated 3- 5 Izanagis, so I see Danzo up here too.
4. Some of you argue that Itachi is much smarter than Sasuke. He is too. However, in the fight between Danzo and Sasuke Madara Uchiha said personally that Sasuke's tactic, namely to force him to use Izanagi with the strongest attacks and I don't know what you're saying, but I think more of Madara's opinion. And since Sasuke has more chakra than Itachi and in the end was Izanagi after 10 times, I think the Danzo, which, by the way, is also a clever one Man looks, even here has an advantage.
(5. With Kotoamatsukami, of course, Danzo wins )

I see a huge discussion coming from Itachi fans simply because everyone thinks Itachi is God, I don't deny Itachi's incredible intelligence and tremendous abilities, but in my opinion, Itachi can make a man who can immortalize himself 10 times, has more chakra than he and has the strongest genjutsu.