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The first 20 years - an overview.

Jugend debattiert celebrates its 20th anniversary! In 2001 the program was tested as a pilot project at around 30 schools in Frankfurt am Main. In the same year the then Federal President Johannes Rau initiated youth debates as a nationwide competition under his patronage. Several foundations and the sixteen federal states took over the sponsorship, and the federal government has also been involved as a sponsor since 2019. Together we succeeded in establishing the competition in schools and debating in the classroom - at around 1,400 secondary schools across Germany. The first foreign competitions began in 2005 in Poland and the Czech Republic. Schools from more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and America are now taking part in Jugend debattiert - in German. You can see here how the program has grown over the past 20 years:

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Jugend debattiert offers you method training, practical learning material for competence-oriented teaching and activates your students. Secondary schools of all kinds receive valuable impulses for the development of teaching and school life. The program promotes interdisciplinary learning and teamwork; the competition can be an event for the whole school. Jugend debattiert supports your school's profile building and enables you to network with schools nationwide and even abroad.

More debated about your options at youth

Listen carefully, respond to one another, weigh carefully - you practice all of this while debating. You learn how to get informed quickly and thoroughly. You will gain insight into current issues and learn to deal with others in a respectful and constructive manner. This strengthens you and promotes the class community. Do you want more? Then take part in the annual competition!


More debated about your chances at youth

The school year debated with youth

Training for teachers

Further training to become a youth debates teacher

Training for teachers precedes the series of lessons. You will learn to introduce debating in class and to use it methodologically in a variety of ways. The training is organized and carried out by the federal states.

Lessons and competition in school

A chance for everyone

For schoolchildren, youth debates begin in the classroom. The trained teachers convey the basics and practice debating with their classes. The way to the school finals leads through class competitions or an open school competition. The two best of each age group can take part in the regional competition.

Regional competition

Debate with each other across schools

From regional level, all participants in one age group initially compete against each other in two qualifying rounds. The four best points reach the final. Whoever takes first or second place there is qualified for the state competition. In the "Seminar for Regional Winners", all regional winners train together.

State competition

Who will be the best in a state?

The state competition is also divided into qualifying rounds and finals. The two best of the state finals, i.e. two per age group and four per country, are qualified for the federal level. They train together in the "Seminar for State Winners".

Federal competition

Debaters from all over Germany compete

After qualifying at the federal level, the national winners will be determined in the subsequent final. The best six in an age group take part in an academy week and are accepted into the Jugend debattiert alumni program.