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Berlin techno DJ : Woman at the plate

Here's what it looks like! There are two large Ikea packages on the floor, next to them an open moving box full of records. Simina Grigoriu stands in the middle and looks embarrassed. She and her husband only moved into the apartment in Mitte two months ago, she says apologetically. Therefore, a lot has not yet been unpacked, her home studio is only provisionally set up. After all, the desk with the two turntables and the mixer is already there. It is unthinkable that the techno producer keeps her technology stowed in boxes for a long time.

Simina Grigoriu goes into the kitchen and comes back with two cups. Coffee with maple syrup, she says, hands the guest a pot and sits down at the mixer. It is one of the few days without any deadline stress. She talks about the remixes she recently worked on, about the appearances of the past few weeks in the opening act for her husband. She says, “I'm always nervous when I play in front of a lot of people. If it wasn't for me, it would be boring. ”From that point of view, the last time must have been exciting for her. In March she played in the sold-out Velodrom, previously there were dates in Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart on the program. Simina Grigoriu heated up the audience for her husband. For Paul Kalkbrenner.

There may be advantages to being married to a famous man. Having the same job doesn't necessarily make work any easier. Prejudices, sensitivities, hypocrisy. A life with the label “the woman of”, the partner as the eternal measure of all things. Simina Grigoriu doesn’t need to hide in the shadow of the technostar. The 31-year-old has already released a few EPs, and last year her catchy debut album “Exit City” was released. And tomorrow, Saturday, she will hang up in the "Tresor" in Mitte. Not in the preliminary but in the main program. So it works without Paul.

Whether she is preparing for this appearance differently than for the indoor guest performances? No, says Simina Grigoriu. The small gigs just have a different dynamic. “When I'm on tour with Paul and take the stage, the audience stays, no matter what I do. Because it wants to see him. Whenever I play in a club, there is always a risk that people will leave if I'm not good. I like this challenge. ”There is nothing to fear that the native Romanian, who emigrated to Canada with her family at the age of three, will empty the vault. The crowd of her followers is growing, with her melodious sets she stands out from the tough style of her DJ colleagues.

Simina Grigoriu has been living in Berlin for almost five years because of love. She met Paul Kalkbrenner in her hometown of Toronto. Back then he wasn't an international star, but “just a guy who did techno”. And the film “Berlin Calling”, which helped him achieve his breakthrough, had not yet started at the time, in the summer of 2008. A friend Gregorius wanted to get the film into Canadian cinemas. That's why he invited Kalkbrenner, that's how they met. The German guest stayed a week. Shortly before his return flight, Grigoriu quit her job as marketing director and boarded the plane to Berlin, "with a suitcase and my mixer". Big emotions, big decisions, big movies.

At the time, Simina Grigoriu hardly knew anything about Berlin. She now feels at home here, even if her German is not yet good despite the language course. At least it's enough for a few jokes. For example: “What does the DJ say to the jazz musician? To the airport please!"

She is currently collecting new ideas for her second album. It will be recorded in the Nalepa studios in Köpenick. The release date has not yet been determined. Only this much is clear: the husband only gets the new pieces played when they are finished. Protect help? Undesirable! “I have the ambition to do everything by myself,” says Grigoriu. “I'm married to one of the greatest technostars.” It is easy to think that their music is produced by other people.

In contrast to her debut, Simina Grigoriu will concentrate fully on her work this time: last year she organized her wedding parallel to the album production. It took place at Schloss Herzfelde in the Uckermark. The music? Came neither from the bride nor from the groom - but from friends.

Simina Grigoriu will hang up tomorrow, Saturday, in the Tresor, Köpenicker Strasse 70 in Mitte. Start: midnight. Admission: 13 euros

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