What kind of companies need security guards

Become self-employed with a security service

Whether the path to self-employment with a security service will be a safe thing for you depends not least on holistic planning and your personal starting requirements. In this respect, the formal and strategic requirements of self-employment with a security service are to be examined in a compact manner in this article. In particular, when it comes to business registration, additional hurdles must be expected in this area, which will also be discussed here. The aim should be to draw attention to central aspects of self-employment in this area in order to consistently pursue a sustainable business basis right from the start.

Starting a business with a security service: What interested founders can find out here

  • Starting point: the opportunities in this area
  • formal requirements and requirements relating to business registration
  • personal requirements
  • strategic decisions and business direction
  • Checklist: documents required for self-employment with a security service

Starting point and strategic implications

Although Germany is a very safe country in a global comparison, is booming the market for professional Security services. The security industry is expecting sales of approx. 6 billion euros, taking a look at the developments in recent years further growth path emerging. By way of comparison: in 2009 sales were 4.4 billion euros. The German security industry has around 170,000 employees. The 300 largest companies share 85% of the market, with the competition being very high according to experts. In this respect, depending on the location and demand, it will be difficult to gain a foothold with a new company.

Aggressive pricing strategies by new companies rarely lead to success

Market research shows that small companies are often very aggressive when it comes to pricing. In the long term, however, your own business and revenue base will be eroded. To that extent is a thorough location analysis required: What else is there in terms of security? How is the competitive situation? Is a specialization make sense in a certain area? It should be noted, especially with regard to the commercial sector, that quite a few companies use in-house security so that potential customers / orders are dropped. In view of the initial situation, it becomes clear that the establishment in this area is not a sure-fire success and requires a thorough and honest analysis. This should reveal a real niche in the market that is being consistently penetrated. The earning potential, however, varies greatly depending on the region and activity, which will also play a role in the employment of employees and the cost structure. The occupational group or the standard salary is decisive. As a rule, security guards earn significantly less than money truck drivers.

Content and requirements (including your own personality)

As already indicated above, the activities of a security service broad be: Buildings or production machines can be monitored, security can be ensured at festivals and personal protection is also part of the potential range of services. In addition to the requirements of the market, one's own experience and qualifications should be decisive for the strategic orientation of the security service. Founders should honestly question themselves, after all, this work is always with you certain risk connected. The working hours will also be partly unconventional and not always compatible with family and private life. Loyalty, sociability and the willingness to deal with business issues and decisions should bring founders in this area with them. Because in addition to the actual security activity, a profitable business operation also needs to be run. Last but not least, employees also have to be guided and motivated, after all, high quality and safety standards are required right from the start in order to achieve the desired customer loyalty.

There seems to be no alternative to founding a company

The brief analysis of the initial situation reveals that there is no alternative to founding a company, after all, depending on the range of services, certain human resources will be required. In this respect, self-employment in this area is sometimes associated with considerable costs and risks, which also depend directly on the chosen legal form. In one Business plan the course is set for success right from the start by illuminating all central factors and especially the financing that is critical for success. Such a document is essential as a business card in order to convince lenders or banks. A Public liability insurance. Above all, the costs of possible personal injuries can quickly assume existence-threatening proportions. By the way, insurance sums to be taken into account are named in Paragraph 6 of the Guarding Ordinance (BewachV).

Win customers for professional security services

When it comes to customer acquisition, ideally a functioning network already exist. Founders may also have been able to make a name for themselves with an employment relationship. In any case, a corresponding search engine-optimized page should be launched with the security service in order to offer potential customers a contact point at any time of the day.

Basic formal requirements for setting up a business

Professional independence with a security service requires a Business registration. However, a 'simple' business registration is not sufficient, as it is a Trade subject to approval acts. If you want to deal with the legal details, you should take a look at these corresponding paragraphs of the trade regulations. As part of the formal and personal review, it is a matter of assessing the trustworthiness as well as possible, after all, it is a very sensitive area. As far as a guarding business is concerned as a possible concrete form of security service, this includes services that only have a warning activity go well beyond. The formal requirements according to Paragraph 34 of the Trade Regulations show that a job-specific qualification or in-depth professional experience is required. The approval for the security trade is given by the competent trade office, whereby costs of up to 1,000 euros or even a little more can arise.

Checklist: necessary evidence for the authorization requirement in the security industry

  • Professional liability insurance that meets the legal requirements
  • Financial reserves / securities for the first six months after the establishment (extract from the list of debtors)
  • Extract from the central business register
  • Extract from the trade and cooperative registers
  • criminal record certificate
  • Guarding permit

Expertise examination by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Anyone who does not have relevant vocational training recognized by the Guarding Ordinance must complete a proficiency test at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. If there is no valid insurance cover or if it is withdrawn, insurance companies usually inform the public order office. In such a case, this will withdraw the business license required for business operations.

Conclusion and prospects for self-employment with a security service

Since the market is growing steadily and demand is high despite the good security situation, a company can be set up after careful planning. However, the market is highly competitive and characterized by great price pressure. Large companies share almost the entire market, making it difficult for smaller newbies depending on their location and demand. Aggressive pricing strategies, as observed by experts, are not a long-term recipe for success in order to survive in the market. Due to the current terrorist threat situation, however, it can be assumed that demand could rise dramatically in the near future.

Self-employed with a security service: summary and practical aspects

  • It is a business that requires a license, for which numerous proofs and documents have to be submitted (see above).
  • The legal basis and formal requirements are set out in Section 34a of the Trade Regulations
  • As a rule, the range of services offered by a security service will require a security permit
  • Initial situation: the market for security services has been growing steadily for years, with 300 larger companies sharing almost the entire market
  • The location analysis is therefore of decisive strategic importance (can an existing niche in the market be filled by specializing in a niche?)
  • Questioning one's own personality and life situation: willingness to deal with business issues (bookkeeping, personnel management, etc.), unregulated working hours, general safety risk for oneself in everyday work, etc.
  • In addition to an indispensable liability insurance in the prescribed amount, your own workforce must also be covered. There may also be a need for action beyond statutory or private health insurance (risk life insurance may be an option).