How does pranic healing cure your worries

Formative powers
by Lore Tomalla


Yoga Vidya Journal No. 8, Fall 2004


Full of modesty, which is known to come from the fact that someone knows exactly what is going on, an internist with two doctorates said to me: "You will get well, but I will not cure you." I looked at him, dismayed and puzzled at the same time: "Who because then? ”-“ You see - I don't know either, ”was the answer. “I can create favorable conditions for it to heal. I don't heal, it heals. Who is this 'it'? ”He looked at me expectantly. Amazed, I gave no answer at all. The doctor prescribed me a drug. I applied it in the manner he directed and was healed. I was very grateful to the doctor because he had helped me.

But I couldn't let go of his question:
Who is this "IT"?
Well, probably the one active in this drug that was missing from my body chemistry and that was healing now that it was added.
According to this, the chemist who found out which substance is missing in the sick person's body heals. If this substance is supplemented via the food routes or via injections, the body gains the ability to activate its self-healing powers so that "it" heals.
That doesn't get us any further:
Who is it that heals?
The distribution of nutrients, including food supplements, takes place through the portal vein circle. In addition, the body has an interesting distribution system for the stimulating and inhibiting nerve energies that flow through the body in fractions of a second. It is not at all surprising that these complex processes in our bodies require specialist doctors - everyone has specific knowledge in their field.
BUT: In every body, even in the most stupid ignoramus, even in every animal there is an authority that knows how "it" heals without ever having attended university.
who or what is that?

We imagine God to be as similar to how we believed in Santa Claus as children, who celebrates giving presents in every house on Christmas Eve at five o'clock. As a child I asked my parents: “How does Santa Claus set the table for gifts for the children in all the living rooms of the world on Christmas Eve at five o'clock?” - God does not personally care for the broken arm of the little one Lieschen's or the famous cyclist's broken thigh neck. The doctor does that, but he says himself: “It's not me who heals. 'It' heals. ”It seems to us as if the good Lord had something to do with it. When we are desperate not to know one more thing, we pray to it
God. In fact, God seems to be answering prayers. Who are we actually turning to?
Muslims say we pray to Allah. Buddhists don't believe in God.
When asked, "Who makes it heal?", They answer: "That is the intelligence inherent in every cell." A cell is very small. Where in this tiny little unit of the organism can intelligence have its place? This intelligence inherent in every cell obviously works without our minds. Our mind resides in the brain. Nobody has the slightest idea how to heal the small cut on our fingers, for example, that we got while peeling potatoes. We clean them and put a plaster over them. The patch can be removed a few days later. You can no longer see anything, not even the smallest scar. The skin looks exactly as it did before the cut. Who does that?
Everyone smiles at it, but all mothers in the world do that when the child falls down and hurts and cries: "Come on, Mommy blows." After the blow, the child stops crying. Yes - the next time it comes running again and asks the mother to blow! But that is not the same as the example with the plaster earlier. Comfort seems to be an important tool in healing. Every doctor knows that. He or she also knows drugs and uses them trusting the intelligence that is inherent in every body, every cell, so that "it" heals.

"Man Music"
A musician once said: This intelligence is like a record. The piece of music is engraved in the form of the grooves. The needle is attached and follows the grooves in the rotating record. The information is transmitted through the needle. This makes the music audible. The comparison is good. But is that still understood today in the age of compact disks?
Lea van der Pals wrote the book “Der Mensch Musik”. This means neither the person who makes music nor the person who listens to music, but the person who is music. Everyone is a piece of music - a harmonic or a disharmonious one. It's like the record: if it's cracked, the needle can't go any further. It hooks and stutters the same groove over and over again until the needle is inserted further by hand. Today, in the age of the CD, this comparison with the sick person who gets well again through suitable measures is hardly understandable.

Life force
An Indian who was very knowledgeable about yoga said that health is related to our pranic power. Prana is a Sanskrit word that was spoken in India thousands of years ago and is older than Latin. The yogis use Prana to designate our life force, our vitality, which in turn is related to the vital capacity (breathing capacity). The American scientist Bruce Bliven argues as follows: We exhale a different gas mixture than we inhale. Oxygen is taken from the air we breathe in, and carbon dioxide is added to the air we breathe out, which is produced during processes in the body. This turns our breathing into a chemical process in which energy is released, life energy, or prana. Bruce Bliven claims that humans can get by with the energy of a flashlight battery. It's incredible. Nature is extremely economical. All these complicated processes that take place in the organism of a living being, and for each person the energy generated by a flashlight battery would be sufficient - if we only knew how to do it!
It is said that it works in a similar way to lightning: During a thunderstorm, the cosmic energy jumps from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth, lightning strikes a tree ... These cosmic forces bring believers in connection with God. My mother prayed when there was a thunderstorm. My girlfriend leaves the light on during a thunderstorm, which is the most wrong thing you can do.

The aura
The Russian Kirlian invented a camera in 1930 with which the energy beams that each cell emits can be photographed. So you can read it in a photo magazine from 1975. The energy is colored. Some people have blue energy, blue-white also occurs. With other people, red energy predominates, there is also red-yellow. I had a Kirlian photograph taken of me. A red and a blue radiance hovered around my head. This radiation is called aura.
The alternative practitioner Almond is experimenting in collaboration with doctor friends to find out how this Kirlian photography can be used for the early detection of diseases. The energy can be too weak or too strong. Alternative practitioner Mandel can use his Kirlian photographs to identify in which area of ​​the body the disorder is present. There are seven levels of the body and they are named after the distribution points of the nerve energies, the nerve plexuses. The switching points of the life energy Prana, which flows through the whole body in electricity beds, called nadis, are also located at the same level.

Nerve energies
Doctors know four nerve plexuses in the trunk area: in the base of the trunk, at the level of the abdominal fold, in the navel area the well-known solar plexus and in the middle of the sternum the heart plexus. Doctors know the nerve plexuses very well. This is not necessary for our considerations. Yogis speak of seven chakras, the energy centers from which the formative forces, the prana energy, are distributed throughout the body, four are located at the level of the aforementioned nerve plexuses, others are in the neck, in the forehead area and filling the skull.
We are astonished that the yogis discovered centuries ago (or were it even millennia?) That our life energy is distributed in the body through switching points arranged one above the other in the middle of the torso. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for field, body area. The Prana energy flows between the cells in pathways called nadis. You have to imagine it like a river bed in which this light energy, the prana, flows. We must not confuse this with our tubular blood vessels and also not with the nerve tracts, which we can imagine as fine threads.

Mental "levels"
First there are the forces of formation, the subtle energies of light. These forces manifest themselves in what medical students can prepare in their practical exercises, in everything that occurs in the human body, where matter is realized as the human body. The ancient teachings say that every human being has five bodies, five “shells”. Let's go the opposite way, as the doctor does when he examines a patient: With a few unbiased questions he determines whether this person is happy. According to the teaching of yogis, that would be the determination of whether his Ananda Maya Kosha, his bliss "body", is intact or whether he has put on a mask in everyday life to hide what is not quite as enjoyable in his life as he is wishes that.
Further questions help the doctor to recognize how the person's intelligence quotient is doing, whether he is exhausting his possibilities or allowing himself to be carried away. It is also important to know whether the patient's “body” of thinking and feeling is functioning, which facts stimulate his thinking, which facts excite it and which leave it uninvolved. This is how an individual personality is presented to him. From this knowledge he can conclude which diseases could plague his patient and which could not. Often our illnesses come from unprocessed mental experience. Yogis call this: anger forms granthis (knots) in the nadis, which disturb or even block the flow of life energy. These psychological causes belong to the formative forces, and indeed to a proportion that should not be underestimated.

If the doctor is called to an unconscious patient, he can only determine whether the person is still breathing. If this is not the case, the doctor's art is over and he can only issue the death certificate. That's what so upsets us when a friend dies: His body lies there, it looks so beautiful, just like in life, as we know people, but he is dead, a corpse. All that
makes up life has left the body. We recognize that the breath in particular is an important vital function.

Cosmic forces
They say the prana is golden. When we see lightning in the sky during a thunderstorm, they are yellow, one could also say golden. When we speak of the cosmic elemental forces, the pranic forces are called Vayu. Vayu is responsible for movement, Vayu sets vrittis (vortices) in motion, which means that the energy begins to move in a circle. Just as hurricanes are shown to us on the weather map, we can imagine cosmic hurricanes in a similar way, for example when galaxies begin to rotate. There are galaxies that rotate clockwise and those that rotate counterclockwise - just like the wind and cloud movements on the weather map. This cosmic energy Vayu is also the cause for the movement of the planets, actually for any movement at all. On some trees you can see how the bark is not arranged vertically up the trunk, but winds around the trunk to the right or left. This is due to the earth rays that predominate there.
When we adjust ourselves to the human body again, the reflexes that the doctor examines also belong to the movement impulses. The symbol of medical science, the Aesculapian staff with the Aesculapian snake that surrounds it, reminds me very much of the book by Sir John Woodroffe, which he published under the pseudonym Arthur Avalon with the title "The Snake Force". In it he tells of a mysterious power Kundalini. It is rolled up, wound three and a half times and, according to tradition, rests at the lower end of the spine. Arthur Avalon describes an axis of the body that he calls Sushumna (good way).
In this a light energy rises and falls. The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra also speaks of this. There it says: Rising from the bottom, towards the head, the primordial light awakens in us. In my opinion, this primal light does not awaken through meditation, but is always there. Through meditation we only acquire the ability to "see" it. It is said that our pineal gland is the third eye that allows us to “see” meditative experiences. The primordial light is Prana, our life force, a light energy, analogous to the cosmic light forces. We are beings of light. When our pineal gland “sees” the light, it happens in a similar way to dreaming: When we dream, we experience the dream as if it were reality.

The properties
Like the Aesculapian stick of the Aesculapian adders, the good way Sushumna is surrounded by the solar power Pingala and the lunar power Ida, which rotate in opposite directions: Pingala, the warming solar power clockwise and Ida, the moisturizing, cooling moon power opposite - like the Aesculapian adders wind around the Aesculapian rod. The comparison with the tortuous Kundalini force is appropriate here. In each field, here called chakra, Ida and Pingala Nadi cross over - if one understands correctly verse 56 of the Goraksa Satakam. The Goraksa Satakam is considered lost in scholarly circles and is confused with the Goraksa Paddhati. The author is Gorak Natha. Indian Sanskrit scholars were able to purchase a copy of this rare text in an antiquarian bookshop in London. Gorak Nath was an outstanding personality of the Kanpatha culture, the name Natha culture is also found. In the time-honored Indian Shastras (textbooks) everything has a relation to the Hindu religion. The lucky elephant-headed Ganesha lives in the base chakra, also called the root chakra. He is sitting on a four-leaf clover in the complementary color red. He is the god of wisdom, of wise speech. His principle is to achieve the greatest possible success with the least possible effort. A hand's breadth above it is the Svadhisthana Chakra, the self-source. This is where we concentrate when we act “from the gut”.
The creator god Brahma lives here, who has two more heads than Janus, known to us from antiquity. As is well known, Janus has two heads, looks into the past and the future, Brahma has four, looks in all directions. The reason for his creative activity is considered to be that at the level of the Svadhisthana Chakra is the uterus, where the child grows up. The life-sustaining principle as the Vedic fire god Agni lives in the umbilical region, and in the middle of the heart there is the sound that comes out of itself without a string or sound body being struck. It is said that a subtle, fine flame resides there as sacred light of creation. In the throat area there is Vishudda Chakra. "Vi" is an affirmative syllable and "Shuddha" means purified. In the throat area, it is about pure speaking, just as the Benedictine monks have to take vows. Doctors know why people who have to denounce professional grievances often suffer from thyroid disorders. Everything that offends us, as the name suggests, makes us sick!

Our subtle body
In the thinking center there is a coordinate cross like a precious pearl. In the material area this is called the pyramid crossing (control system of certain nerve tracts). In the subtle area, in our subtle body, there is the level of reflection between the light-like image forces and their materialization. This is where the three streams of which Artur Avalon reports from tradition in his book “The Snake Power” meet: Ida, Pingala and Sushuma Nadi. Devout Hindus paint a white V with a red vertical line in the middle on their foreheads to indicate the subtle formative forces, the holy Triveni, which points upwards. Hindus bathe at the confluence of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna and Sarasvati, in the firm belief that all sins are forgiven them. Christians know the center of the forehead as the place where the pastor pours water on the newborn in holy baptism so that they may be freed from the original sin, which is called karma in Sanskrit. With the coordinate cross, in which both the side arms and the arms pointing up and down point to infinity, the force disappears to one side in infinity and comes out again on the other side from infinity, also with the arms in the vertical Is it like this. The symbol is the lying eight, the sign for infinity.
Our spine is home to the spinal cord. It is surrounded by seven nerve plexuses. This is probably why these are on the same level as the subtle formative forces, because the latter are the cause of the former. I assume that the secret that surrounds the seven-armed candlestick of the Jewish religion can be understood in this way: With the high life light of the heart chakra in the middle and three further light symbols for the chakras above and below on the candlestick on the right and left from that.

As in the cosmos, so also in humans
Mathematicians are currently doing calculations according to which the planets, the musical notes and the colors are directly proportional to the spacing, and the chakras and nerve plexuses are also directly proportional to the spacing between the planets. This knowledge, it is claimed, was known in ancient times and was used as a measure in the construction of the pyramids. Yoga teachings know a pyramid-shaped Shri Yantra, an image symbol that is dedicated to the worship of the virgin deity Lalita. In the southern Indian town of Kanyakumari, the most beautiful girl of the sixteen year old is selected every year. She will then live in the monastery and be venerated as the embodiment of Lalita for a year. The next year, she will be replaced by another sixteen-year-old. A puja, a sacred fire ceremony, is held in her honor. During this one is quoted from the Hiranja Sukta of the Rigveda. There are ten verses. The final sentence in each case is: Who is the God whom we are to serve with offerings? During the ritual, offerings are made on the fire. The aromas are inhaled by those present in the form of fragrances and thus find their way to the gods who are called on.
What is interesting is that there are pyramids all over the world, not just in Egypt. The Shri Yantra for worshiping the Lalita is a step pyramid. It has nine levels, just like the ones found in Mexico. The Shri Yantra is also called "Mount Meru". In the Atlas I found Mount Meru as a sub-peak of Kilimanjaro, i.e. in Southeast Africa. Each level of the pyramid is considered to be one of the chakras - the image forces. The yoga adept progresses from level to level up to the highest spiritual level, to the peak, the bindu. Some books also speak of Mount Kailas. This is located in Nepal, in the Himalayas, but spiritually seen in the light body of man. This has to do with thought power: first the wish is there as a thought, then the thought manifests in the word.
Here I would like to interweave the biblical phrase “and the word became flesh and dwelt among us”, although I really only mean thought, word and deed. Yogi Kumbaripava handed down a color illustrated scroll found in Rajasthan at the Oriental Institute in Jodhpur. There he calls the heart chakra, which is provided with eight different colored petals, which are arranged in our subtle body like a traffic light, Antah Karana Sthana. He claims that the Holy Spirit dwells here and is realized in the form of action. The Father is the thought, the Son is the spoken word, and the Holy Spirit is the deed.

The Brahman
In the winter of 1980/81 I was in India. We were lucky enough to be able to ask a famous professor of Indology from the University of Madras the following question: “What is Brahman?” He answered puzzled: “Brahman is Brahman.” All Shastras (textbooks of Indian philosophy) begin as follows: “ The student went to the teacher and asked him ... ”So we intensified our question:“ We are Europeans. We do not know what the Brahman is. We don't grow up with these Indian ideas. We came from Europe, traveled a very long way to find out what Brahman is. ”He had to think for a while. No Indian would ask that question. Everyone thinks they know what Brahman is, but how do the unbelievers from Europe understand this? Finally the professor answered. He said, “How should I explain to a deaf person what kind of noise a car makes? Brahman is brumum. So Brahman is a noise, a sound. ”The famous professor in Madras gave us a wonderful lecture on cosmic sounds and music. When he finished, we were all convinced:

God is music!
"God respects me when I work, but he loves me when I sing." "Wherever one sings, read yourself quietly: Evil people have no songs." When I am happy, music sounds in my soul, when my soul shines, I am truly human. There is a poem by the Pole Karel Woytila ​​that he wrote when he was 19. It begins with an address: “O you music!” This Pole is now known worldwide as Pope John Paul II.
The divine principle of life is health, peace, love. We ourselves are in the way of our health because we allow disturbances, we cannot cope with disturbances, because we feel feelings such as hatred, envy, resentment and greed and allow them to come too close to our soul when we are offended, insulted or molested become. I am angry. Who am I annoying? Me! Myself! We feel disturbed. Stress brings our harmony out of balance. This brings the homeostasis of our body into disorder, the cooperation of the organ systems is not as harmonious as it should be. Diseases break out when the mind rests on the intersection of the petals of the manas chakra, says Kumbaripava.

Relationships of the energy flow
According to Dr. Guido Fisch compares the Chinese medicine of our psyche with a car: The heart is the motor that has to be cooled with the water energy of the kidneys. Warming heart energy must be able to flow down to the kidneys. If worries interfere with this exchange of heat, compensation must take place via a psychological organ in the stomach called "three warmers". If this is not possible, the disturbing energy flows to the lungs and weakens their energy. If remedial action is not taken immediately, the disorder continues to flow to the liver and creates anger. This little example from a book about acupuncture shows what kind of energies flow in our body and at what speed this energy exchange takes place in our body.

Man is a spirit being
Only because of this can it happen that our own thoughts make us sick. The wisdom of the distinctive clear vision cancels the passionate desire, gives our striving a gentle steadiness that allows us to reach our goal without stress, without unnecessary haste. We are no longer jealous. Our actions are determined by patience and equanimity. The wisdom of the highest reality cancels ignorance. When the pure awareness of the highest reality is developed, then consciousness arises in space and time, in periods of time in which our little "I" appears to be very tiny, vanishingly small. The wisdom of the great mirror cancels all hatred. The big mirror shows us all things in their true nature without distorting individual thinking. That brings about insight and insightful action. The wisdom of equality abolishes all pride. Everything that is is part of the great creation: All nature, all beings, plants, animals, rocks, stars. The realization that I, too, am included in this cosmic unity, which is expressed in these manifold forms, makes all pride fade. The all-perfect wisdom, this deep mercy and goodness can only arise if our soul is not poisoned by hatred, envy, pride and passionate desire. Whoever has grasped all this wisdom and not only grasped it intellectually, is connected to the living, breathing presence of individual existence with the supra-individual timeless beyond all opposites. It is the highest form of experience of the reality that is inherent in all living beings and that always remains the same. The Tibetan word for wisdom is “Yes-es”.

Our thoughts are psychic formative forces
Anyone who has learned breathing training and uses this knowledge regularly will find it helpful that breathing techniques can harmonize our thinking, which activates healing powers of formation. Whether in meditation we direct our breathing power into certain areas of the body and thus try to have a positive influence on the formative powers of Prana, whether we confidently take the medication that the doctor has prescribed for us to benefit our body chemistry, which has become disordered due to stress to influence, or whether we are religiously inclined and seek help in prayer: In any case, we set the healing powers in motion, which bring about harmony in our body like light. With this we bring ourselves back into harmony with the cosmic forces and laws so that "IT" can heal.

Lore Tomalla is a yoga teacher at BDY / EYU and has been teaching yoga, meditation and breathing training at various institutes for more than 20 years. She has translated many important Hatha and Kundalini yoga scriptures into German. Address: Maarweg 78, 50933 Cologne.

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