Why do people say to keep the change

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I always used to keep the change.
I guess I may keep the change?
Do you remember when I said you could keep the change?
Couldn't it be that Mr. Bogart just saw the 85 cents, put 90 cents down, and said you should keep the change?
Isn't it entirely possible that Mr. Bogart only read the 85 cents and then put 90 cents on the counter and told you to keep the change?
Delivery driver For delivery services from restaurants and supermarkets (yes, you can have almost anything delivered here), it is common to round up to the nearest banknote and the driver keep the change allow.
Delivery driver For takeaways or grocery deliveries (yes, you can get almost anything delivered here), a token gesture of allowing the driver to keep the change to the nearest note is customary.
Tell him he can keep the change.
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