Is Queen Elizabeth II Immortal 1

Elizabeth II

Your majestic majesty Queen Elizabeth II from Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Hawaii, Rhodesia, South Africa, India, Australia, the Marshall Islands etc. from the noble house Sachsen-Coburg-Lauenburg-Windsor, which represents the female line of the house Sachsen-Coburg-Lauenburg-Hanover ... wait, where was I?

In any case, she was the last Queen of Great Britain and the penultimate ruler, since in exile in Zanzibar after her Prime Minister Winsodore Churchevelt the people of the British still ruled. Above all, she was criticized because she supposedly ate all the British money and that is not compatible with a democracy. Which is total bullshit and comes from these left-wing republicans and the American traitors !!! 11

The only bad thing about the Queen is how wickedly evil she is. As you can see in the picture above. This is due to the fact that she is not Catholic and the Pope was therefore unable to exorcise through anointing and coronation. This also led to Elizabeth being corrupted by the Hell servants. This correction of the British royal family began with the death of Queen Victoria.

Elizabeth II received immortality from Lucifer, which is why she ruled the longest of all European monarchs. In the end, however, she was killed and England was annexed by Hell, Parliament fled to Zanzibar and after the collapse of Infernal Earth, Britain was overrun by the Scots.