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RankingThese Hollywood stars make the most money

Movie stars are no longer what they used to be. In the past, the new films by Julia Roberts or Tom Hanks guaranteed full box offices in Hollywood studios. In the meantime, however, the actors are often trumped by the characters, especially the comic superheroes. In addition, the entertainment competition from Netflix, YouTube and Instagram makes Hollywood competition, especially among young audiences.

Movie stars may have generally lost their glamor. The top earners, however, have no reason to complain. However, additional income is often responsible for this.

The top ten highest-paid male performers earned a total income of $ 748.5 million from June 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018. That is what the business magazine "Forbes" has calculated. Accordingly, the gender pay gap in Hollywood is extreme. The top ten highest paid actresses had a meager $ 186 million. Only one of them could place in the combined top ten.

One reason: Most of the money is now being made with superheroes, especially Marvel's Avengers. Women are also allowed to get involved. However, alongside Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, they are still mainly decorative accessories. This is reflected in the fees. The Forbes list also shows that actors outside of California can get filthy rich. And the best-paid mime of all owes the top position only indirectly to his talent in front of the camera.

These are the highest paid cinema actors in 2018:

# 10 Salman Khan

Most western moviegoers shouldn't be familiar with it. But in the huge Bollywood film market, Salman Khan is a megastar. This is reflected in his annual earnings. With 38.5 million US dollars, Khan made it into the ranking of "Forbes" in tenth place. This was ensured by a number of advertising contracts, including a chewing gum brand. Khan even relegated outgoing Captain America actor Chris Evans ($ 34 million) to eleventh place.

# 9 Adam Sandler

His wedding in the cinema is long behind him. Nevertheless, Adam Sandler made it to ninth place in the ranking with $ 39.5 million. This is primarily due to his deal with Netflix. Sandler will be producing comedies for the insatiable streaming service. His fees as a stand-up comedian are not to be despised. According to Forbes, Sandler charges six-figure fees for stage appearances.

# 7 Scarlett Johannsen

Scarlett Johansson was the only woman to join the ranks of the highest paid actors. She did that thanks to $ 40.5 million and the Avengers. Johansson plays the superhero Black Widow and will soon appear in the Marvel character's first solo film. The next-ranked actress was Angelina Jolie with $ 28 million.

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# 7 Akshay Kumar

Two Bollywood stars made it into the top ten. Akshay Kumar shares seventh place with Johansson with an annual income of $ 40.5 million. In the 2017 ranking it was still in tenth place. According to Forbes, the Indian advertises around 20 brands.

# 6 Will Smith

Will Smith has made a comeback in the past few months. The former "Prince of Bel-Air" star couldn't even place in the top 30 in 2017. But now Smith has reached sixth place shortly after his 50th birthday. "Forbes" put his annual income at $ 42 million. Here, too, a Netflix deal gave a boost. Smith can also be seen in the real-life version of Disney's classic "Aladdin", following in the footsteps of Robin Williams.