Why do leaves fall off this houseplant


Indoor plants: leaves turn yellow and fall off, what to do?

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What type of casting are you?

Leaves or needles on houseplants turn yellow and fall off because you either over water or under water. Some strains like damp feet, some don't. Some need more water, some less. Here are a few questions that you can use to classify your pouring behavior:

  • Do you water your plants every day? This is too much. Few of them need fresh water every day.
  • Do you always pour when you think of it? This leads to a very irregular water supply, some species like ficus or avocado don't like it.
  • Do you sometimes forget your plants for weeks? This happens to many plant lovers. A lot to do, always something different in mind and the palm trees, ficus species and trees are like a piece of furniture that has to take care of itself.
  • Do you keep your plants over a heater by the sunny window? They dry out quickly and therefore have to be watered more often. In the cool bedroom, one watering cycle per week is usually sufficient. At least in winter.

How to pour properly

  • Always keep the filled watering can close at hand. Stale water is better than fresh and often too cold tap water.
  • Set a day of the week for plant care. Take Saturday, for example. If you can't get to it on a Saturday, you can catch up on the casting on Sunday.
  • Especially now in the resting phase, it doesn't hurt if your plants dry out a little.
  • If you agree on a day of the week, you'll be better able to remember whether you've already watered or not. This will avoid watering too often.

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In the rest phase, one watering cycle per week is usually sufficient

With the exception of individual plants such as avocado and those that stand in the sun on the windowsill, one watering cycle per week is usually sufficient during the rest phase from November to January. Water abundantly with the weekly course. To do this, I always fill the watering can with fresh water; the large room fir, for example, takes almost two liters alone.

Watch your plants. That works well with dusting, telephoning, vacuuming. If you let the leaves hang down, if you look tired, you will need water more often. Give them an additional watering run, for example on Wednesdays, that should actually be enough.

In summer I keep the rhythm similar. The plants get more water each time they are watered.

By the way: Do not fertilize in the resting phase from the beginning of November. I don't fertilize again until mid-January. I also wait for the next phase of growth for repotting and pruning.

Exception: the winter bloomers like poinsettias. Read the article "The most beautiful one in Advent: the poinsettia".

You can find more tips for your indoor plants in the article "Caring for indoor plants: This is how you can also increase your well-being".

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