Why doesn't Rolls Royce enter Formula 1?

Formula 1 star Button goes for Rolls-Royce


April 08, 2014

Even Formula 1 stars get big eyes. The former Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button can now be driven to the racetrack like a king or get behind the wheel himself. With a total of ten races this season, the British have the ultimate luxury of a Rolls-Royce at their disposal. Button has already selected the right models. who


can choose between a "Wraith", "Phantom Drophead Coupr" or "Ghost"? "I am thrilled to be able to enjoy the best of British luxury during my Formula 1 trips around the world." And does he already have a favorite? "Yeah, the Wraith. I can't wait to drive this car," says Button.
It's a completely new driving experience for Button. Because he doesn't have an inch of space in the narrow Formula 1 cockpit. A race lasting almost two hours can quickly become torture. So that the body is not full of bruises and wounds, some drivers pad particularly prominent areas in their racing car with a little foam. In the Rolls-Royce, on the other hand, Button can celebrate real parties. Instead of foam, he probably prefers to pick up a bottle of champagne. Of course only if he doesn't have to drive himself.
He completed his first two "outings" in the Rolls-Royce without any particular incidents: At the races in Malaysia and Bahrain, he drove to the racetrack in a Rolls-Royce. But it didn't help in the end: Button didn't finish in Bahrain. Maybe he just wanted to get back to his Rolls-Royce as soon as possible. He will drive his next luxury sled at the China Grand Prix from April 18 to 20 in Shanghai; Certainly not an easy undertaking in the completely overcrowded streets of the 20 million metropolis. mid / rlo Image source: Rolls-Royce
Caption: mid D├╝sseldorf - Not as fast as a Formula 1 car, but significantly more space: British Formula 1 star Jenson Button and "his" Rolls-Royce.

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