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Above shepherd dog, below dachshund - with its distinctive appearance it is Welsh Corgi simply unmistakable. Here in the profile you can find out everything about the origin, nature and attitude of the spirited dog breed.

History of the Welsh Corgi

As the name suggests, the Welsh Corgi is originally from Wales. Presumably it originatedfrom ancient dogs of the Vikings or the dogs of Flemish immigrants. Due to the isolated island location, the breed was practically pure-bred for many years. The locals used the nimble dogs to drive cattle and as domestic watch dogs. When driving cattle, despite their small size, they reliably ensured that all cattle stayed on the path. To do this, they bit the cattle lightly in the shackles and dodged away at lightning speed. In 1925 the British Kennel Club set the official standard for the Welsh Corgi. After some disputes, the dog breed was separated in 1934 Welsh Corgi Pembroke and the Welsh Corgi Cardigan. The FCI assigns both breeds to group 1 “Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs” in Section 1 “Shepherd Dogs”.

Essence and character

Both Welsh Corgi breeds are characterized by roughly the same creature. you are lively and friendly dogswho love to play. The short-legged dogs are affectionate to their families and they are patient with children. They build strong relationships with their people and prefer to be there anytime, anywhere. Because of this, you shouldn't leave the breed alone for long periods of time. The spirited Dog knows how to get things done and can be difficult if not trained. Despite their small size, the Welsh dogs are known to be hardworking and hardy. The self-confident dogs have a strong vigilance, but they do not show any aggressiveness. Unfortunately, they tend to yap quickly and bark at strangers on their property.

Appearance of the Welsh Corgi Pembrokes

The Corgi is a medium-sized dog with, compared to the body, very large short legs. The stocky, stocky dog ​​has short or medium-length hair with a thick undercoat. The two variants of the breed differ mainly in the Coat colors. While the Pembroke is mainly bred in reddish tones (red, sable, fawn, black with brandy), the range of cardigans is much larger. Large white spots are undesirable in both breeds. The standard of the Pembroke requires a natural stubby tail, while the cardigan has a natural, long tail.

Raising the puppy

Despite their innocent looks, Pembrokes and Cardigans can be quite headstrong dogs. They are bursting with self-confidence and like to assert their own head. So that the little one Stubborn does not do what he wants is one consistent upbringing of the dog is particularly important. But you should make sure to praise the dog often, because he attaches great importance to recognition. With a loving and sensitive upbringing, you can make the short-legged dog an excellent companion in all situations. The small dog loves to present learned skills and would like to make its owners proud.

Activities with the Welsh Corgi

For its size, the Welsh Corgi is an extremely active dog that needs daily exercise. His short legs limit his endurance in no way and it can easily keep up with its larger conspecifics. Whether jogging, hiking or cycling - the nimble dogs are zealous in every sporting activity. Even with challenging games or in the Dog sport the small dogs prove to be persistent athletes. To avoid boredom, the dogs get excited about agility (without jumps) or obedience training. Intelligence toys or nose work are suitable for mental workload.

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Health and care

The soft and relatively short fur of the Welsh Corgis does not require excessive grooming. It is enough if you groom the fur once a week and use the brush a little more often during the coat change. The dogs are happy about the additional strokes and are happy to get rid of their hair. You should be careful when feeding the small dogs, as they tend to overeat. Only give them small portions and monitors feed intakeso that the dogs don't gobble up too much. In terms of health, the Pembrokes are among the more likely sturdy dogs. However, due to their physique, they shouldn't jump a lot as they can fracture quickly.

Is the Welsh Corgi right for me?

Because the corgi was born Shepherd and cattle dog it needs a lot of movement despite its small size. So it is in the hands of physically active people best off. A house in the country with a large garden that the eager dog can guard would be ideal. As long as it is not about pure competitive sport, you have a demanding sporting partner in Welsh four-legged friends. Since the breed is not widespread in Germany, you will probably have a hard time finding puppies. If you want to bring home a representative of the breed, your best bet is to find a breeder who is affiliated with the British Sheepdog Club. For a purebred Pembroke or Cardigan puppy you pay around 1,200 euros.

Interesting and worth knowing

According to legend, corgis are actually that Mounts of fairies. As a gift to the people, they left some puppies in the fields. Two children found the animals while they were looking after the family's cattle and brought them home. They thought they were foxes, but their parents recognized them as dogs. They told their children that the puppies were a gift from the fairies. The fairies used the dogs to pull their carriages and rode them. As proof of this, the parents pointed to the markings on their backs where the fairy saddle was placed. The children were enthusiastic and immediately took the puppies to their hearts. They grew up and became beloved companions when driving cattle.

Not only has the dog breed been ingrained in Welsh legends, but they have been the so since 1933 Favorite breed of the British Queen Elizabeth II. She has bred Pembrokes Welsh Corgi since she had her first puppy "Dookie" when she was just seven years old. She often went for walks with the small dogs herself and oversaw the breeding program at Windsor Castle. In 2009 she gave up breeding and in April 2018 her last male named "Willow" died. The dogs now have such a cult status that the animated feature film "The Queen’s Corgi" will hit cinemas in 2019. You can watch the trailer here:

Do you have a Welsh Corgi or do you want to get one? Tell me in the comments what you think makes it so special!

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