What are some bad travel tips

Bad weather travel tips - from 12 travel bloggers

When you are traveling, you naturally want to have the best possible weather all the time. Because most of the time you have waited a long time for this trip and possibly undertook a long journey. But unfortunately there is no weather guarantee and who has not yet walked through a strange city in the pouring rain. Now special, rainproof travel tips are required. Therefore, in my first blog parade, I asked travel bloggers for their travel tips for bad weather. A lot of great articles came together. But read for yourself.

Do you have to let the bad weather influence you?

Thomas, like me, is a road trip fan and has thought about what happens in bad weather during a road trip. He himself has been surprised by heavy snowfall at the Grand Canyon, fog in Monument Valley or rain in New England. The advantage of a road trip is that you can drive away if necessary. And in nature it is best not to let the bad weather stop you and some landscapes often look even better with clouds.

Directions to Death Valley in bad weather

Bad weather in places you don't expect

One country that is famous for bad weather is Ireland. When Monika and Petar were in Dublin, it poured from buckets. And what do you do when it rains in Dublin? Exactly what they planned, because that's how the Irish do it. So they did their planned photo tour and brought back wonderful pictures from Dublin.

What you don't associate with bad weather at all is Dubai. Those who go there want sun and warmth. Janette made it to one of the 5 !! Catch rainy days of the year. So she looked at fish in the aquarium, went skiing and went shopping. And her 4 indoor tips for Dubai are also useful in summer at 50 ° C.

Sometimes you are surprised by the bad weather. When Birgitta and Alex woke up on the second day of their weekend in Bozen, it was pouring rain. So they think about what to do in Bolzano when it rains. In addition to visiting the Ötzi Museum and doing some shopping, they did what is particularly good in South Tyrol: eat. So they brought along great restaurant recommendations for Bolzano.

Market hall in Valencia


Tips from locals are always the best. Bettina has lived in Amsterdam for 1.5 years and therefore has some tips for rain in Amsterdam. Canal trips, food halls or the cinema. Typically Amsterdam, it can also be an erotic show or a visit to the coffee shop.

Bad weather tips for Germany

Daniela described a family excursion tip. The Eckernförde candy factory is interesting for the whole family. You can follow every step of the production of the sweet treats and, of course, taste the result.

Antje has put together rainproof excursion tips for all of Baden-Württemberg. 3D mini golf in the dark, Experimenta in Heilbronn, ice skating in Stuttgart or the Auto & Technology Museum in Sinsheim are just a few of the tips for the whole family.

In Frankfurt a.M. there is a film museum where film fans can spend a rainy afternoon. Here you can marvel at the beginnings of moving images in the 17th century, the flip books, as well as the most modern trick technology. There are many props and costumes on display, and you can even see an Oscar.

Another insider tip comes from Myriam. She has put together rain tips for Leipzig and she has tried not to limit herself to museums. In addition to shopping, wellness and cinema, you can also design porcelain or jewelry.


When the weather in a city is bad, shopping, wellness or museums are always good activities. But in every city there is something special that you can do in bad weather. And to be completely honest, the best tip is to just grab your umbrella and rain jacket and not let the weather affect you.

Many thanks to all bloggers who took part in the campaign.

Last updated on December 24, 2020