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How can I improve the ranking of my website?

To optimize a website for search engines in the long term, you need a professional. But there are a few simple steps anyone can take to improve the ranking of their website.

The search engine ranking of a website for a specific search term is calculated, among other things, from the number of links that point to this website. In other words, the more links (with a keyword X in it) pointing to your website, the higher your ranking for a search term X.

Even if your web designer has already done a certain amount of preparatory work, there is nothing to prevent you from lending a hand and creating further links on the Internet. In the following we will tell you how to do this.

Entry in directories

Directories are themed, human-edited lists of websites.

The number of directories out there now runs into the thousands. Basically, there is hardly a directory that is not worth an entry in.

However, particular attention should be paid to subject-relevant directories. To find directories that are relevant to you, you can simply search for terms such as directory and the respective industry (i.e. about directory web design) googling. However, since you have to enter yourself manually in each directory, this process can quickly degenerate into real work.

Entry in blogs

Many blogs offer the opportunity to post articles Leave a Comment and leaving a link.

Many blogs allow you to enter your own URL in addition to a comment. The URL then appears under the comment in the form of a link (in which, of course, you should include your respective search terms).

As with directories, you should pay particular attention to topic-related blogs. You should also be careful not to write nonsense, but rather make qualified comments that are related to the article. Otherwise you risk that your own comments will be deleted by the webmaster.

Links from partners and friends

Some of your (corporate) partners and friends may run one or the other website themselves. Just ask these people to link to you.

However, you should refrain from linking yourself to their websites, otherwise the two links will cancel each other out. Reciprocal linking has been so excessive in recent years that search engines have now started to ignore such links.

Regular, new content

If you constantly provide new content (without deleting the old one), your website is growing steadily. This in turn increases the likelihood of being found via certain search queries, especially those that consist of several words.

However, to grow a website this way is one Editorial system (also Content management system called) indispensable. In one Blog, glossary or diary you can, for example, post new articles at regular intervals without ever reaching your limit.

Whether and how an editorial system will be integrated into a website should, however, be decided before planning the website. Adding in retrospect is difficult!

Regular, good content

In a way, this is the ideal route to a good search engine ranking.

If you provide high-quality content on your website that nobody else has, then your visitors will reward this in the long term by recommending your website to other people, for example in blogs, on Facebook, Xing, Twitter or in forums.

In this way, the links that you need for your search engine success are created automatically. This path is probably the most arduous, but also the most promising.



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