How much do RN first responders make

This is what the crew on cruise ships deserves

A payroll for employees on cruise ships fell at my feet today. I didn't want to withhold that from you.

The table with the crew salary is quite informative, especially with regard to the constant discussions about tips or service fees. Many guests who like not to tip and / or cancel the service fee, so that the crew earns so much money that it is not necessary to participate in the internationally common model of service fee. You'd rather save a few euros.

When I look at the payroll and then see what kind of work the women and men do on board, I'm surprised. A starting salary of $ 657.00 a month and work 7 days a week - in the worst case up to 10 months at a time - no, that wouldn't be my world. If you now look from which countries the employees in the "salary class" come from, you know that that is a lot of money for them. But I still believe that it is important to support the staff as guests with tips.

Of course you can say: “But the shipping company should just pay more”, they won't do that, otherwise they would do it. You can only counteract this if you give people a fiver for a good and great job and not ask in Facebook forums how best to have the tip or service fee deleted ...

Ps: In comparison you can find here:The list of cruise bosses salaries

Payroll for an international shipping company

The new employees are assigned to the various positions depending on their qualifications. If you have no qualifications in the areas, you always start in the smallest position in the respective department.

Bartender AssistantUS $ 1250.00
Bar waiterUS $ 1,113.00
Bar boyUS $ 657.00
1st. cookUS $ 1200.00
2nd. cookUS $ 1000.00
Assistant CookUS $ 835.00
Kitchen utilityUS $ 657.00
Hotel cleanerUS $ 1000.00
Pool attendantUS $ 1000.00
Cabin Stwd AssistantUS $ 1000.00
Cabin Stwd FFUS $ 1200.00
Staff Cabin StwdUS $ 657.00
Officer Cabin StwdUS $ 657.00
Crew cleanerUS $ 657.00
Waiter Assistant UtilityUS $ 1000.00
Waiter FFUS $ 1200.00
Buffet boyUS $ 1000.00
Officer WaiterUS $ 657.00
Staff WaiterUS $ 657.00
Crew mess boyUS $ 657.00
Further positions
doctorUS $ 3400
NurseUS $ 1500.00
hostessUS $ 1500.00

Difference between EU employees and non-EU employees

In terms of salary, there is also a strict distinction between where the employees come from, employees from Indonesia, India, the Philippines and similar areas receive significantly less salary than EU employees. This is justified by the fact that in these countries you don't earn anything by default. You can see it that way, but you don't have to. Because the work is the same. Only the non-EU employees have to work significantly longer, that means their contracts run significantly longer, well and sometimes 10 months per contract.

Salary at a German luxury shipping company

I received this message today. Here too, the discrepancy between the EU and non-EU becomes very clear, with the Asians we are again almost in the above mass market area in terms of kitchen staff and cleaners.

Hapag Lloyd - service steward or wine waiter in the restaurant 2100 € net (tip 300-600 € per month) bartender 2600 € (tip 200-400 € per month) net. Asian Kraft Kitchen or Cleaner $ 800-900.