What are some interesting romantic facts

For the celebration of love: 7 facts about being in love

Are you fresh in love? Or do you have someone in your immediate environment whose infatuation sometimes amazes you? Occasionally smile too? Or frown? In fact, science today agrees that lovers are in a state of physical emergency. A changed hormone balance in particular seems to be responsible for the special world of emotions, but who knows that exactly? We take a look at the mystery of love and provide you with some exciting facts.

Fact 1: Love really makes you stupid - at least a little, for a while

Not only envious people who are not in love believe that they are seeing a decrease in mental performance in lovers. Science also believes in this connection and has been able to prove it in various studies. The reason seems to be that the thoughts drift away all too often in order to devote themselves to the new loved one. This makes it difficult to concentrate and some complicated tasks cannot be done properly.

Hard to believe, but true: this fact could be conclusively explained in the magnetic resonance tomograph, because it was shown in test subjects who were newly in love in a study that the sight of a photo of the loved one is enough to temporarily switch off entire areas of the brain.

But don't worry: the body cannot endure the special hormone mix that triggers the aforementioned state of emergency in the body, so that every fall in love comes to an end and all brain functions work normally again.

Fact 2: Kissing is healthy

No, not a myth, but scientifically proven: kissing is also good for your health! Tests have shown that a passionate kiss can have a positive effect on blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels. But that's not all. The positive effect on the immune system should be rated higher than these short-term effects. Because viruses and bacteria are exchanged, a kiss also indirectly strengthens the immune system of the kissing partner - comparable to a small oral vaccination. Small restriction: the effect can only occur if the kissing partner is not changed too often.

Fact 3: hickey are bruises

First comes the great passion and then the (embarrassing) memory? Everyone as he likes. One thing is certain: there is definitely no connection between hickey and skin cancer - despite persistent rumors that claim the opposite. The explanation is also very simple and not very romantic: Strong sucking has the same effect as a blow or push, namely small vessel damage. Small blood vessels are made to burst and the escaping blood is distributed in any form in the surrounding tissue. Once it happens, you have the choice between wearing it with pride and hiding behind a scarf or something similar. Because depending on the extent of the injury, a few days will pass before the reddish spots disappear. If you are really quick and start cooling immediately, you may be able to contain the spread of the hickey.

Fact 4: It shouldn't be too easy and competition also invigorates love

Also proven by studies: The likelihood of falling in love increases if the 'candidate' in question has other suitors. Almost even more exciting: Another study showed that a certain amount of (emotional) distance also leads to increased interest. Apparently, the uncertainty about whether the sympathy and the incipient infatuation are based on mutuality leads to the fact that the enthusiast thinks of his / her chosen one all the more often.

Fact 5: hearts can really break

Sad: After an important relationship ends, a heart can't just literally break. Doctors speak of the so-called broken heart syndrome and mean a sometimes serious disorder of the heart muscle function. The problems often set in very suddenly and are very similar to those of a heart attack. Difficulty breathing and severe chest pain are particularly typical.

Fact 6: Hungry men prefer plump women

We know the saying “love goes through the stomach”. However, most would probably interpret it differently than a British study from 2006. According to this, an exciting connection can be made between a man's feeling of hunger and his feeling of attractiveness in relation to women: If a man is hungry, women appear to him with a little more corpulence particularly attractive.

Fact 7: How clever of her: Love is really a little blind

We have observed it often enough and now it has also been scientifically proven: Lovers and lovers see the world with slightly different eyes than objective outsiders. So the partner z. B. more beautiful, while other people are perceived as less attractive. Memories can also deviate from reality and unpleasant characteristics of the partner are surprisingly easily faded out. Good thing, dear love, says science and sees a simple meaning for this phenomenon: Relationships can work permanently and threats to love, such as cheating, are prevented or less likely.