How crazy you were in college

Translation of "you never were" in spanish

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nunca fuiste nunca estuviste


One sees, you never were on patrol.
Chief Commissioner To, you never were a shame for the police.
You talk a lot, but you never were there.
And ... don't worry, you never were here.
I saw you knock a full house off its seats, but you never were better than tonight.
The visto destruir una casa hasta los cimientos, pero nunca has estado mejor de lo que estabas esta noche.
You never were outside of college.
But you never were entirely on my side.
I know, you never were a big Aunt Tara fan.
They said you never were There.
In any case, you never were so crazy about the wedding.
But... you never were by my side.
Listen, you never were someone who gets emotional towards me so keep your shield up.
Escucha, nunca fuiste emotivo conmigo, así que no bajes la guardia ahora.
You gave birth to me, but you never were my mother.
Puede que me hayas traído a este mundo pero nunca fuiste mi madre.
Yes, you never were very good at it, isn't it, Collins?
and you never were quite the right one.
Go and wait in the car and you never were here, okay?
I was there for you, but you never were there for me.
I swear, you never were in danger, I swear.
You never were a real exorcist priest.
You never were especially tender, boss.
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