How does diversity affect productivity

Diversity management: 8 unbeatable advantages for your company

If we look at all of humanity, we look at a very diverse species, with the most diverse cultures, languages ​​and beliefs.

Then why shouldn't we, in the age of globalization, focus on our workforce being just as diverse?

If companies manage to recruit a pool of employees regardless of their origin and keep them in the company, this has several advantages for both the company and its employees. These eight reasons convince even the last to be more committed to the topic of diversity:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Improved creativity
  3. Increasing profit
  4. Strengthening the team spirit
  5. Less employee turnover
  6. Positive corporate image
  7. Wider range of skills
  8. Promote tolerance

What is "Diversity Management"?

Cultural diversity in the workplace means that companies are open to hiring people from different backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture. The tasks andGoals of diversity management are therefore among others:

  • To promote diversity in your own company
  • Prevent social discrimination
  • Enable underrepresented groups to follow career paths
  • To increase equality of opportunity, creativity and motivation

"When employees respect each other and get along in the workplace, it's amazing how productivity improves, morale increases, and employees are more polite to customers."

Maureen Wild

1. Increased productivity

Like a diverse team to more productivity can lead? Quite simply: Diversity brings together different talents who all work towards a common goal with different skills. Companies benefit from every single employee because they bring new perspectives, experiences and knowledge withwhich are also reflected in the work.

This enables employees to bring new ideas to a project and think outside the box.

2. Improved creativity

Another benefit of diversity in the workplace is the increase in team creativity and the ability to find a wide range of solutions to a specific problem. Because the combination and cooperation of so many different minds is absolutely beneficial new approaches and proposed solutions to the fore.

3. Increasing profit

Studies show that companies with greater cultural diversity generate higher sales and profits. One reason for this is the ongoing development of the global business relationships and the diversity of languagesthat comes with a diverse pool of employees. This gives companies an advantage over competitors and is more likely to increase sales.

If a company wants to expand its business activities in China, for example, it can be of great advantage to hire employees who speak Mandarin fluently and are familiar with the local culture.

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4. Strengthening the team spirit

You have always been interested in foreign countries and cultures, but time and money are too short for a trip around the world? What could be better than colleagues who can tell firsthand about their homeland and life there. No matter whether during the lunch break or after work, as long as the cultural exchange between employees can take place, everyone benefits from it.

5. Less employee turnover

Studies show that job seekers are often attracted to companies with different workforces because there are obviously none Discrimination in the workplace prevails. At the same time, companies that promote cultural diversity in the workplace are perceived by applicants as more progressive and can usually fill a vacancy faster.

Especially in times of an increasingly competitive economy, it is increasingly necessary to put together a wide variety of candidates in order to be successful in the market. Once recruiter exploiting the full potential of the labor market, you have the opportunity to win only the best from a large number of candidates.

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6. Positive corporate image

Another advantage of diversity in the workplace is the associated positive reputation of the respective company in public and also as an employer. Diversity management has meanwhile also become a figurehead for many companies with the aim of more attractive for potential customers and also applicants to be.

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7. Broader range of skills

If the companies hire a workforce from different backgrounds, these employees will bring their own various skills with them on their own. This diversity makes it possible to serve customers worldwide and means one for companies better international cooperation.

The range of products and services can also be diversified and adapted to the skills of the employees. An example:

Many companies specifically employ bilingual or multilingual employees in order to be able to communicate with customers in their native language.

8. Promote tolerance

Employees who work within a culturally diverse workforce also spend more time with people of different origins in their everyday lives, and are more open and tolerant.

The final result:

Employees gain new cultural experiences while reducing negative emotions such as racism, homophobia, sexism and the like.

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