Has anyone ever broken into your car?

Translation of "car broken into" in French

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2013 ... that I am in your Car broken into am waiting for you
2013 ... forcer ta voiture et t'attendre.
And after you fell out so badly last year, you're in her Car broken into and put a fish in her glove box.
Et après que vous vous soyez disputé l'année dernière, do it entrée dans sa voiture et tu as mis un poisson dans sa boîte à gant.
You are in mine Car broken into.

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I am into that automobile of a guy broken into.
You were arrested for being in this automobile of a man broken into are.
In my automobile has been several times broken into.
And you're in the one parked there automobile by Elizabeth Quinn broken into?
With his novel Schafspelz he is “the first German author successful in the Anglo-American thriller monopoly broken into"(Capital).
Avec son roman intitulé sheep's clothing, il fut pour la presse allemande le premier author allemand à ouvrir une brèche dans le monopole anglo-saxon du thriller (Magazine Capital).
In my automobile was two days ago broken into.
Many Lyons is in an Upper Arlington apartment broken into, held a knife to the neck of a 40-year-old divorced woman, raped her, and stole her automobile.
Manny Lyons s'est introduit dans un appartement de Upper Arlington a mis un couteau sous la gorge d'une divorcée de 40 ans, l'a violée et a volé sa voiture.
"I wanted my phone out of that automobile get into that today broken into was. "
"Je cherchais mon cellulaire dans l 'automobile où je m'étais introduit plus tôt. "
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