How do psychopaths see religion

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Dr. Wolfgang Klein on 08.08.2017 to:

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First of all, I find it interesting that no distinction is made between agnostics and atheists. This is probably due to the lack of differentiation in public perception. By definition, agnostics consider the question of the existence of God to be meaningless, an attitude that can basically be extended from the question of God to all metaphysical statements. An atheist BELIEVES that there is no God. Even Buddhists are essentially atheists, even though they represent a religious community. Atheists very often believe in a metaphysical principle, such as dialectical materialism or Nazi providence. Agnostics tend to reject metaphysical statements as a matter of principle. Atheism therefore has more in common with religion than with agnosticism. Since atheists mostly believe in a superordinate metaphysical principle, which is generally associated with their own ethics, the openly religious cannot objectively accuse them of unethical behavior just because they do not believe in God. Incidentally, the same justification could also be used to accuse Buddhists of unethical behavior. In fact, believers are more likely to be found in the ranks of those who see their position metaphysically well-founded than in the ranks of the agnostics, who tend to question everything. Even so, believers are usually still driven by principles. Psychopaths and sex offenders are to be distinguished from these. Their behavior does not correlate at all with philosophical worldviews but is based on a faulty organization of the neural hardware. Psychopaths and sex offenders are likely to be found in all ideological groups. For them it is a role that they play and that they use to camouflage themselves from detection. Investigations like the one described do indeed paint a picture of public opinion, but do not question them and thus do not contribute to deepening knowledge.


Dr. Wolfgang Klein