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Styling tips for tall women: This fashion fits - and looks great!

When tall, long-legged women run through the city, envious glances follow them. Because long, slim legs are considered an ideal of beauty. But even tall women don't always have it easy when it comes to fashion. Keyword buying trousers: Jeans & Co. are often simply too short. But pants that are too short are no reason to despair. Because there are enough outfits in which tall women look stunning. We'll show you how to perfectly stage your dream figure.

Styling tips for tall women: Better a maxi dress than a mini skirt

Tall women can wear hippie-style maxi dresses wonderfully. Floor-length skirts or midi skirts are also made for long legs. If the figure is a bit stronger, mini skirts are not as flattering.

The following applies to trousers: Anything you like is allowed! This year, flared trousers in the style of the 70s are on trend. This type of pants is ideal for tall women, because their cut makes the legs seem endless. Here you can find out how your bell-bottoms are combined correctly!

A long-running favorite and also wonderfully suitable for long legs: the classic skinny jeans. It's super easy to combine. Do you prefer it to be more comfortable? Then choose leggings! You can find the best styling tips for leggings here!

Boyfriend jeans are also a good choice for tall women. Important when styling the wide trousers: With a figure-hugging top you create balanced proportions and the figure looks slimmer overall.

Are you tall and curvy? Then you will find great styling tips here!

Ballerinas are made for tall women with long legs!

Ballerinas are perfect for tall women. Why? Because they are super comfortable and just never go out of style. But not every shoe is suitable for every woman. Tall women who are blessed with delicate feet can wonderfully wear the pointed models that are currently on trend. If you want to cheat your big feet smaller, you should better use rounded models. You can find even more tricks for women with big feet here!

Marlene trousers make long legs even slimmer

If the legs are long but a little stronger, Marlene pants are ideal for cheating them slimmer. Marlene trousers are very wide trousers that sit on the waist. Mostly they are equipped with a crease that visually stretches the body and makes the legs look slimmer. A plain white blouse goes wonderfully with Marlene trousers. We'll tell you more tricks to cheat strong legs slimmer here!

Are shorts a good choice for tall women with long legs?

Definitely yes! Because in shorts you can show the world how wonderfully long your legs are. Depending on whether your style is more sporty or elegant, you can either wear casual denim shorts with cut off legs or choose a feminine model made of fine fabric with slightly wider legs. Belted waist shorts are also cute.

Cool combination with shorts: the very trendy Roman sandals. Those who are blessed with long legs can choose wonderful models with high leather laces. Tall women don't run the risk of making their legs look shorter with shoes like these.

Big women need big accessories!

A very tall woman with a tiny clutch? Not a good combination. Because small, inconspicuous accessories make tall women look unintentionally funny and gigantic. Statement accessories such as opulent necklaces, appropriately sized bags such as shoppers or shoulder bags and the ornate earrings that are very popular this year are much better for women in the garage.

Tip: If you want to hide your large breasts, you should wear long models instead of necklaces.

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