What are the worst things about sex

Janna Steenfatt's "The Superfluity of Things" : Sex, sleep, gin and tonic

It is not the worst when, after the gradual diffusion of juvenile illusions, someone finally realizes that they are in the middle of life: “Actually, I hadn't wanted anything for a long time, except to have a livelihood, as they said, enough sleep and some sex and Gin and tonic, that had to be enough in life, I thought, at least for the next few years. "Finally, Ina, the disillusioned, disillusioned heroine and first-person narrator of Janna Steenfatt's debut novel" The Superfluity of Things "knows that too. (HoCa, Hamburg 2020.240 p., 22 €)., let "life in itself" be temporary, "all the faster if you help something."

A woman is looking for her father

Ina's case was helped by her mother, a worn-out actress, she drove her car between two trees. Ina then goes in search of her father, whom she has never met, but who she knows who he is: the theater director Wolf Eschenbach. And she tells how she became what she is. Or what a strange relationship she has with her roommate Falk. Or how she falls in love with an actress at the Hamburger Schauspielhaus, where she works in the canteen. A dismissive melancholy shines through in Steenfatt's sentences. Her narrator has the worst behind her because her father doesn't even have to know who she is when they meet in his apartment.

The sentences smolder

"The Superfluousness of Things" is a strange novel. A bit of an adolescent novel, a bit of an educational novel; Steenfatt has vaguely placed it in the theater environment, and it is difficult to assign her narrator as an early thirties to a generation or scene. Steenfatt's prose is strict and precise , Her sentences don't glow, but glow, there can be no question of educating one's feelings.There is a gray veil over this novel, and maybe that's why one reads it spellbound to the end.

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