Do you make quilling earrings

Paper Earrings: Quilled Earrings in Just a Few Steps!: 4 Steps | 2021

The material required to make the Quilled Hoop Earrings is very simple. Check the list:

Quilling strips (5 mm) in green and purple

Quilling needle

Ear hooks

Jump rings


Craft glue

Step 2: start your craft

To make the quilling hoop earrings, 3 purple quilling strips are first put together with glue.

Now apply some glue to the beginning of the quilling strips and start wrapping it around a cylindrical object.

Paste the end in to form a quilling ring.

Step 3: make teardrop shaped coils.

Add the design to the earrings.

To do this, take a green quilling strip and cut it in half.

Make teardrop-shaped bobbins with the help of a quilling needle.

Shape the tip with your fingers.

Make several teardrop-shaped coils.

Step 4: your paper quilled earrings are ready !!!

Add the final touch.
Place the ring on a flat surface and insert the coils into the inside of the ring in a specific arrangement.

Add the jump rings and hooks and your awesome handmade jewelry quilling earrings are absolutely ready!

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