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Monkey D. Luffy versus Sir Crocodile

Monkey D. Luffy versus Sir Crocodile



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The fight Monkey D. Luffy versus Sir Crocodile occurred in Arabasta. The two met each other three times.


Shortly after the straw hats on their Hikkoshi Crab, which Nami will later baptize Hasami, have left Rainbase to travel through the desert to Alubarna, Vivi is suddenly grabbed by a hook. Everyone realizes this is Sir Crocodile. They stop immediately and Luffy hangs on the hook in Vivi's place. With the words that they will see each other again in Alubarna, he starts a fight with the Shichibukai.[1]


Battle in the desert

Luffy makes it clear to Crocodile that he will stop him so Vivi can finally be happy again. However, he is thrown an hourglass: Crocodile has no time and wants to get it over with in three minutes. He can also dodge a first Gomu Gomu no Pistol, dissolve in sand and hit Luffy with his hook. He turns away and hits his opponent with Gomu Gomu no Stamp. However, the attack is ineffective as Crocodile is a Logia user. Luffy is not deterred and attacks with Gomu Gomu no Gatling, followed by a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka and a Gomu Gomu no Ono. Each of these attacks was just as useless as the previous one. Crocodile now tells him exactly once again that this will not do anything, but Luffy simply hits him in the face, which interrupts him while he is talking.[2]

The rookie now realizes that he can't do it, but doesn't give up. They are two pirates from different leagues, that crocodile tells him and attacks with Deserto Spada. Straw hat turns away at the last second, but is then shocked by the huge cut in the ground. However, the Shichibukai does not let him calm down and lets Deserto Girasole follow the previous attack immediately. Luffy is now sucked in by the quicksand, but can repel himself with Gomu Gomu no Bazooka and free himself from the crater. He thinks that if he can't beat Crocodile, he could at least catch him and hurls his Gomu Gomu no Ami at him. Of course, the crocodile just floats by and even a Gomu Gomu no Muchi that shares it remains useless. Crocodile has enough and he uses Barchan, with whom he lets Luffy's right arm dry up.

Luffy is shocked at first, but then comes up with the idea to drink some of the Yuba water, which will bring his arm back to normal. Then he storms back towards his opponent, who is amazed that he is still trying. With Gomu Gomu no Baku Baku, crocodile is eaten for a short time but comes out of Luffy's mouth again. Then he and Sables create a huge sandstorm that moves towards Yuba. Luffy storms furiously at Crocodile, who rams his gold hook through his upper body. Since he damages the keg with the water, his arm gets wet. With the last of his strength, the straw hat tries to grab Crocodile's arm, which he does and so injures him. After that, however, it is thrown into the quicksand. Crocodile leaves the battlefield confident of victory, but his partner Nico Robin saves the young pirate and lets him fly to Alubarna in Peru. Luffy doesn't intend to accept this defeat and wants a rematch with a barrel of water on his back.[3][4]

The desert is to become Luffy's grave.
Even with tricks, Luffy can't do it.
Luffy accidentally finds out about Crocodile's vulnerability.

Revenge at the Royal Palace

At the royal palace in Alubarna it is now the second round: Luffy, however, now knows Crocodile's weak point, namely the water, which means that he can no longer dissolve in sand. The Shichibukai knew nothing about Luffy's new strategy and was swept away by a first punch. Then Luffy rams him to the ground with Gomu Gomu no Marunoko.[5]

Despite everything, Crocodile is still confident of victory and evades a first Gomu Gomu no Pistol. Then he catches the arm and lets it dry out, but Luffy just takes a sip of his water to restore it. Luffy develops a new attack: he makes the view completely wet and starts Gomu Gomu no Pistol Shot. The crocodile turns to the side and counters with Deserto Spada, which Luffy dodges in the same way. Then he strikes, which Crocodile makes fun of because the straw hat just uses the same techniques. Luffy, however, pulls up and slams my other hand. Then he throws the water barrel after him, which flies away with Sables. Luffy barely catches it and notices that the keg is way too vulnerable and drinks it up. This turns him into Mizu Luffy, causing his opponent to go nuts and yell at him to fight seriously. With the Mizu Mizu no Pistol, however, it is made wet and severely hit by a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka and thrown against the wall.[6]

As a result, he is now really angry and first removes all moisture from the floor with Ground Seco. The ground breaks under Luffy, who can hold himself and shoots his opponent with Mizu Mizu no Pistol, but who soaks up the water with his right hand. Then he completely breaks the ground with Ground Death, which also causes Luffy's sandals to disintegrate. At the last moment, however, the straw hat escapes to the edge of the palace, where Crocodile grabs him by the neck. Luffy spits up water again, but it misses its target. Now it is completely dried out.

Crocodile can no longer dissolve due to the water.
Luffy doesn't let his opponent come to rest.
Despite everything, he does not manage to win.

Showdown in the mausoleum

When Luffy lies dry on the ground, the water that he spat into the sky comes back again. So he was able to save himself again and pursued Crocodile on to the mausoleum. On the way there he even collapsed once from exhaustion. However, through this short sleep he was able to recover a little and was ready to start a third fight.[7][8]

Luffy bursts into a conversation between Cobra and Crocodile. The Shichibukai is shocked by Luffy at first because he should actually be dead, but in the end he doesn't care because he can't do anything without water. He is all the more shocked when he is kicked against the wall and pressed into the wall with another blow. But then it becomes clear to him: Luffy's entire body is covered in blood, so that the moisture is sufficient. It should now come to the final showdown, because Crocodile uses his poison hook.[9]

The crocodile can avoid the first blow and then attack Luffy's arm with the poison hook. He just pulls him to safety with the other arm. Straw hat now attacks with Gomu Gomu no Bullet, but he breaks off and tries to hit Crocodile with several kicks, which, however, does not succeed, as does a counterattack with the hook. A stone falls directly between the two so that they can no longer see each other. Both rush towards each other and attack, which leads to Luffy taking the poison hook. To do this, however, he can hit his opponent with two kicks in the head and then throw him away.[10]

Despite the serious injuries, neither of them gives up and Luffy strikes again. After an evasive maneuver, Crocodile also evades the Gomu Gomu no Gatling and another kick. Due to the poison, however, the straw hat can no longer stand on its feet and collapses. But he gets up again and says that Crocodile wouldn't understand anything: They fight for friendship and that is why Luffy would never give up. Crocodile thinks this is just silly talk and attacks, but Luffy manages to destroy the poison hook.[11][12]

The fight is now a little safer for Luffy, so he can hit Crocodile in the stomach with one punch, give him a kick and then ram him into the ground with one more blow. The Shichibukai just can't believe it, pulls a knife out of the broken hook and jumps towards Luffy, asking if he doesn't know who he is. This ducks away and replies that he doesn't care. The only thing he knows is that he will surpass him and he kicks him in the air. Crocodile strikes back with Sables Pesado, but Luffy just shoots himself up and attacks with Gomu Gomu no Storm. Crocodile counters with Deserto la Spada, but Luffy simply hits through the sand swords and can hit Crocodile so hard and hit the ceiling that the whole city shakes and the Shichibukai is finally defeated.[13]

Luffy fights a third time.
The straw hat can get rid of the poisonous hook.
After a tough battle, Crocodile is defeated.


Not only did Luffy defeat a Shichibukai for the first time, he also saved Arabasta. The fight stopped with the excitement that Crocodile's unconscious body caused. Luffy even saved Nico Robin, whereby she joined him. His bounty was also raised to 100 million berries. With this victory, the straw hat pirate is considered one of the most promising newcomers, so he always has a certain reputation.[14][15]

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