How to Convert MP4 to AVI

Convert MP4 to AVI - actually very easy

As long as there are different video formats and everyone does their own thing, video converters will be sought. To convert a movie in MP4 format to AVI - or almost any other format - we have found a good tool.

The name of the Free MP4 Video Converter already has what it can do. But that's actually a gross understatement. Because the free tool can do a lot more than just convert MP4 to other formats. In fact, it actually supports pretty much any video format and helps us make something different out of it.

MP4 to AVI in a few steps

If you look at the specifications of the Free MP4 Video Converter, it's hard to believe that such an inconspicuous tool can handle such a large number of formats. No matter where the films come from, the program takes them and converts them to another format. These can be, for example, VOB files from DVDs, MP4 or AVI films, but also Quicktime videos or compressed DivX data.

As clear as the program interface is, working with the program is just as easy. You can load all the video files you want or you can even "drop" them onto the program with the mouse. You will then appear in the conversion list. Now select a format in the pulldown below - and the conversion can start with a click on "Convert". If you wish, you can also convert multiple films from MP4 to Avi.

Convert MP4 to AVI: fine tuning

In the lower area, the Free MP4 Video Converter has 2 pull-down menus. One is used to select the target format. So here we choose e.g. AVI if we want to convert MP4 to AVI. But menu number 2 is even more interesting. At this point, the program offers us several settings to choose from for each target format, which relate to the quality and thus also the file size of the film. As a rule, it is primarily about the size of the image section. The smaller the film is shown, the smaller the file.

If we want to exert even greater influence, that is also possible. Next to this pull-down menu there is a button with a kind of “magic wand”. This opens a menu in which we can adjust many parameters of the output file manually. These can then also be saved as your own preset, so that you don't have to repeat this step all the time, but can simply select it from the menu the next time.

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