INFPs are often selfish

ESFJ personality type

ESFJ: Extrovert - Senser - Feeler - Appraiser

  • Extroverts (= E.xtraverts) are sociable, energetic and action-oriented. You are enthusiastic and expressive.
  • Perceiver (= S.ensors) live in the present. You rely on facts, deal well with practical things and like it when things are concrete and measurable.
  • Feeler (= F.eelers) let their feelings and emotions play a leading role because they care about other people.
  • The assessors (= Judgers) prefer a steady, planned and orderly life that they organize themselves and over which they can exercise control.

An ESFJ at a glance

ESFJs like people. You are open-minded, friendly, and interested in others. You want to like people and have a special ability to get the best out of others. People like to be around you because you have a real gift for making people feel happy with you. So if someone upsets you by breaking the rules, make sure they know.

ESFJs are optimistic, open-hearted, and generous souls - often drawn to the outsider and those who need a hero. Giving is their driving force and they look for ways to improve situations and people. People often think an ESFJ is someone who likes gives his last shirt without thinking.

An energetic preference of the ESFJ for people is balanced by a practical, objective attitude. ESFJs like to get things done now, not later. You are endowed with a strong sense of justice and a natural instinct for right and wrong. Following the rules is important, they take care of their demeanor, and they expect the rest of the world to do the same. So if someone upsets them by breaking the rules, they make sure they know.

Your likely contributions to an organization

Each personality type has a different set of skills, talents, and traits that they bring to an organization, group, or relationship. Here is a list of those most commonly associated with personality types like ESFJ.

  • Is a hardworking worker who seeks responsibility and is always accountable.
  • Is very attentive to the needs and wants of others and always has a friendly attitude.
  • Is sociable and has relationships.

In a team

Some people work well in teams, others work best alone. Knowing about the personality types of team members reveals how individuals do their jobs and interact with one another. Given an ESFJ's personality preferences, these are the strengths (and possible weaknesses!) They are most likely to bring to a team:

  • Provides humor, enthusiasm and thoughtful organization to a group.
  • Brings a systematic and practical perspective to the team.
  • Personally invests in topics and projects.

Young personality types

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