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Help pages: Code posts on Stack Exchange are MIT licensed

The Stack Exchange platform websites are used by many programmers, admins and others to discuss problems and help one another. The best known of these is probably the Stack Overflow page. So far, all user contributions on Stack Exchange were exclusively under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA, in future source code will be under an MIT license.

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The problem with the previous solution was that code that was exchanged on the websites under CC-BY-SA could only be used with great difficulty in a legally secure manner in one's own projects. The MIT license, which has been established in open source development for years, makes this much easier. The permissive conditions of these allow integration into almost all software, regardless of whether it is free or proprietary.

Due to many comments on the original plans of Stack Exchange, the operator has opted for two regulations that differ from the MIT license. For example, an attribution of the author is absolutely necessary for the transfer of a contribution to a separate project, but it is also possible to dispense with the reproduction of the license text in the own project. These exceptions should be recorded in the terms and conditions of the website.

The operators of Stack Exchange consider a comment in the source text with a URL to the original contribution to be a sufficient attribution of the author. In addition, the developers are not limited in what form the license conditions are met. For example, the somewhat more far-reaching guidelines of the MIT license itself could also be followed.

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In FAQs that are still to be published, some possible ambiguities should be removed. The new license is expected to be valid from May 1st of this year.